Cariceae sampling 20130703

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Carex L. [Genus, accepted] Ammorrhiza Ehrh. [Genus, not accepted] Anithista Raf. [Genus, not accepted] Baeochortus Ehrh. [Genus, not accepted] Bitteria Börner [Genus, not accepted] Callistachys Heuff. [Genus, not accepted]

  1. Carex × adulterina Chenev. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × bosoensis Yashiro [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × elisabethae J.Andrés & al. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × hanasakensis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex × hosoii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × lidii Hadac [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × limnicola H.Gross [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × ludibunda J.Gay [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex × silesiaca Figert [Species, not accepted]

Carex paniculata subsp. ludibunda (J.Gay) K.Richt. [Subspecies, not accepted] Carex schreberi subsp. ludibunda (J.Gay) Nyman [Subspecies, not accepted]

  1. Vignea × ludibunda (J.Gay) Soják [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex × marshallii A.Benn. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × microstachya Ehrh. [Species, accepted]

Carex × microstachya f. supercanescens Junge [Form, not accepted] Carex × microstachya f. superdioeca Junge [Form, not accepted]

  1. Vignea × microstachya (Ehrh.) Rchb. [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex × nikaii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × pseudoaxillaris K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × kneuckeriana Zahn [Species, not accepted]
  5. Carex × remotoides H.Lév. [Species, not accepted]
  6. Vignea × kneuckeriana (Zahn) Soják [Species, not accepted]
  7. Vignea × pseudoaxillaris (K.Richt.) Dostál [Species, not accepted]
  8. Carex × pseudovulpina K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  9. Vignea × pseudovulpina (K.Richt.) Soják [Species, not accepted]
  10. Carex × raciborskii Zapal. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex × microstachyoides Montell [Species, not accepted]
  12. Carex × rotae De Not. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex × solstitialis Figert [Species, not accepted]

Carex paniculata var. rotae (De Not.) Nyman [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Vignea × rotae (De Not.) Soják [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex × schuetzeana Figert [Species, accepted]

Carex × schuetzeana f. supercanecens Kük. ex Junge [Form, not accepted] Carex × schuetzeana f. superparadoxa Kük. ex Junge [Form, not accepted]

  1. Vignea × schuetzeana (Figert) Dostál [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex × senayana Soó [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × haussknechtii Senay [Species, not accepted]
  4. Vignea × haussknechtii Soják [Species, not accepted]
  5. Carex × stricticulmis Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × subcostata Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × sylvenii Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × tenebricans Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex × tenelliformis Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex × toezensis Simonk. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex × fleischeri Podp. [Species, not accepted]
  12. Carex albert-smithii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex alta Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex alta var. gymnocarpa H.Lév. & Vaniot [Variety, not accepted] Carex alta var. latialata Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex brizopyrum Kunze [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex imbricata Kük. [Species, not accepted]

Carex remota subsp. alta (Boott) Kük. [Subspecies, not accepted] Carex remota var. brizopyrum (Kunze) Boeckeler [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex squamata V.I.Krecz. [Species, not accepted]

Hipp -- Extraction and / or sequences [DNA.sample, ]

  1. Vignea alta (Boott) Soják [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex altaica (Gorodkov) V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]

Carex bigelowii subsp. altaica (Gorodkov) Malyschev [Subspecies, not accepted] Carex orbicularis subsp. altaica (Gorodkov) T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, not accepted] Carex rigida subsp. altaica Gorodkov [Subspecies, not accepted]

  1. Carex arcatica Meinsh. [Species, accepted]

Carex arcatica var. pedunculata Meinsh. [Variety, not accepted] Carex cespitosa var. vulgaris Regel [Variety, not accepted] Carex glauca var. brachylepis Regel [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex imbricata Drobow [Species, not accepted]

Carex orbicularis var. brachylepis (Regel) Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Kim -- Voucher: o; Sample ID: E0426 [DNA.sample, ] Kim -- Voucher: o; Sample ID: E0428 [DNA.sample, ]

  1. Carex ascotreta C.B.Clarke ex Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex davidii var. ascocentra (C.B.Clarke ex Franch.) Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex formosensis H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex ichangensis C.B.Clarke [Species, not accepted]
  3. Carex kelungensis Hayata [Species, not accepted]

Carex ligata subsp. formosensis (H.Lév. & Vaniot) T.Koyama [Subspecies, not accepted] Carex ligata var. formosensis (H.Lév. & Vaniot) Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex shimotsukensis Honda [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex atherodes Spreng. [Species, accepted]

Carex amurensis var. mandschurica Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex aristata R.Br. [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex aristata Siegert ex Wimm. [Species, not accepted]

Carex aristata subsp. orthostachys (C.A.Mey.) Kük. [Subspecies, not accepted] Carex aristata var. browniana Asch. [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. cujavica Asch. & Sprib. [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. glabra R.Uechtr. [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. imberbis A.Gray [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. kirschsteiniana Asch. ex Lackow. [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. kirschsteinii Asch. & Graebn. ( Oct. ) [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. longilanceolata Dewey [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. maxima (Kük.) Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. orthostachys (C.A.Mey.) C.B.Clarke [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. siegertiana (R.Uechtr.) Aschers. [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. subaristata Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Carex aristata var. vix-vaginans Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Carex atherodes f. glabra (R.Uechtr.) Lepage [Form, not accepted] Carex atherodes f. imberbis (A.Gray) B.Boivin [Form, not accepted] Carex atherodes var. cujavica (Asch. & Sprib.) Rauschert [Variety, not accepted] Carex atherodes var. glabra (Uechtr. ex Garcke) Rauschert [Variety, not accepted] Carex atherodes var. kirschsteinii (Asch. Graebn. & Kük.) Rauschert [Variety, not accepted] Carex atherodes var. longilanceolata (Dewey) Gilly [Variety, not accepted] Carex atherodes var. maxima (Kük.) A.E.Kozhevn. [Variety, not accepted] Carex atherodes var. orthostachys (C.A.Mey.) A.E.Kozhevn. [Variety, not accepted] Carex atherodes var. siegertiana (R.Uechtr.) Rauschert [Variety, not accepted] Carex atherodes var. vix-vaginans (Kük.) A.E.Kozhevn. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex fuscifructus C.B.Clarke [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex glaberrima Meinsh. [Species, not accepted]

Carex hirta subsp. siegertiana (R.Uechtr.) Nyman [Subspecies, not accepted]

  1. Carex mirata Dewey [Species, not accepted]

Carex mirata var. minor Dewey [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex orthostachys C.A.Mey. [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex orthostachys Rupr. [Species, not accepted]

Carex orthostachys var. spuria Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex pergrandis V.I.Krecz. & Luchnik [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex siegertiana R.Uechtr. [Species, not accepted]

Carex siegertiana var. glabra Uechtr. ex Garcke [Variety, not accepted] Carex trichocarpa var. aristata L.H.Bailey [Variety, not accepted] Carex trichocarpa var. deweyi L.H.Bailey [Variety, not accepted] Carex trichocarpa var. imberbis A.Gray [Variety, not accepted] Carex trichocarpa var. laeviconica Hitchc. [Variety, not accepted] Carex trichocarpa var. maxima Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Carex trichocarpa var. orthostachys (C.A.Mey.) Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Carex trichocarpa var. turbinata Dewey [Variety, not accepted] Starr -- Extraction for matK work [DNA.sample, ] Waterway -- Sequenced 2 nrDNA and 6 cpDNA regions. Voucher: C_atherodes.386 [DNA.sample, ]

  1. Carex aueri Kalela [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex caucasica Steven [Species, accepted]

Carex atrata subsp. caucasica (Steven) Kük. [Subspecies, not accepted] Carex atrata var. caucasica (Steven) Boott [Variety, not accepted] Carex caucasica subsp. caucasica [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex karacolica Polozhij [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex pseudoatrata Meinsh. [Species, not accepted]
  3. Carex urbis-malorum Popov [Species, not accepted]

Carex caucasica subsp. jisaburo-ohwiana (T.Koyama) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex chinganensis Litv. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex courtallensis Nees ex Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex speciosa var. courtallensis (Nees ex Boott) Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex craspedotricha Nelmes [Species, accepted]

Hipp -- Extraction and / or sequences [DNA.sample, ]

  1. Vignea craspedotricha (Nelmes) Soják [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex cremostachys Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex prescottiana var. cremostachys (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex drymophila Turcz. [Species, accepted]

Carex amurensis var. drymophila (Turcz.) Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Carex bongardiana var. gracilis Trautv. & C.A.Mey. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex burejana Meinsh. [Species, not accepted]

Carex drymophila var. reducta Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Carex orthostachys var. drymophila (Turcz.) Maxim. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex pseudohirta Meinsh. [Species, not accepted]

Carex turczaninowiana var. beaurepairoei H.Lév. & Vaniot [Variety, not accepted] Jung -- Voucher: Jongduk Jung.1207026 [DNA.sample, ] Jung -- Voucher: Jongduk Jung.1207026 [DNA.sample, ]

  1. Carex eminens Nees [Species, accepted]

Carex composita var. eminens (Nees) Boeckeler [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex floribunda Boeckeler [Species, not accepted]

Carex myosurus var. eminens (Nees) Boeckeler [Variety, not accepted] Carex myosurus var. floribunda (Boeckeler) Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex peiana F.T.Wang & Tang [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex eriophylla (Kük.) Kom. [Species, accepted]

Carex aristata var. eriophylla Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex fargesii Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex immanis C.B.Clarke [Species, not accepted]

Carex prescottiana var. fargesii (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex fedia Nees [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex chaetogyne Nelmes [Species, not accepted]
  3. Carex wallichiana Prescott ex Nees [Species, not accepted]
  4. Carex foliosa D.Don ex Tilloch & Taylor [Species, not accepted]

Carex muricata var. foliosa C.B.Clarke [Variety, not accepted] Carex muricata var. indica Boott [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex notoleia Nees [Species, not accepted]
  2. Vignea wallichiana (Spreng.) Soják [Species, not accepted]
  3. Carex filipedunculata S.W.Su [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex glabrescens (Kük.) Ohwi [Species, accepted]

Carex drymophila var. glabrescens (Kük.) Kitag. [Variety, not accepted] Carex drymophila var. pilifera Kük. [Variety, not accepted] Carex fedia var. pilifera (Kük.) T.Koyama [Variety, not accepted] Carex wallichiana f. glabrescens Kük. [Form, not accepted] Kim -- Voucher: KHB1278927; Sample ID: D0449 [DNA.sample, ]

  1. Carex henryi (C.B.Clarke) L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]

Carex longicruris var. henryi C.B.Clarke [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex hirta L. [Species, accepted]

Carex hirta f. glabrata Peterm. [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. hirsutissima [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. hirtiformis (Pers.) Kunth [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. latifolia Waisb. ex Kük. [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. major Peterm. [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. paludosa A.Winkl. ex Asch. & Graebn. [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. pseudohirta Schur [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. spinosa H.Mort. [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. subhirtiformis Kneuck. [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta f. villosa Peterm. [Form, not accepted] Carex hirta subsp. hirtiformis K.Richt. [Subspecies, not accepted] Carex hirta var. aquatica Waisb. [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. glabra Gaudin [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. glabrescens Cariot [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. hirtiformis (Pers.) Lej. [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. humilis Peterm. [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. pilosa Celak. [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. pusilla Merino [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. repens F.Nyl. [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. subglabra Celak. [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. sublaevis Hornem. [Variety, not accepted] Carex hirta var. vera Neilr. [Variety, not accepted]

  1. Carex hirtiformis Pers. [Species, not accepted]
  2. Carex villosa Stokes [Species, not accepted]

Gehrke -- Sequenced for nothing yet [Voucher: 29.06.2012; Germany, Mainz, Oberolmer Wald, Bohlenweg] [DNA.sample, ] Starr -- Extraction for matK work [DNA.sample, ]

  1. Trasus hirtus (L.) Gray [Species, not accepted]

Carex L. [Genus, accepted]

  1. Carex × adulterina Chenev. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × bosoensis Yashiro [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × elisabethae J.Andrés & al. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × hanasakensis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex × hosoii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × lidii Hadac [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × limnicola H.Gross [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × ludibunda J.Gay [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex × marshallii A.Benn. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex × microstachya Ehrh. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex × nikaii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex × pseudoaxillaris K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex × pseudovulpina K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex × raciborskii Zapal. [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex × rotae De Not. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex × schuetzeana Figert [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex × senayana Soó [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex × stricticulmis Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex × subcostata Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex × sylvenii Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex × tenebricans Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex × tenelliformis Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex × toezensis Simonk. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex albert-smithii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex alta Boott [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex altaica (Gorodkov) V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex arcatica Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex ascotreta C.B.Clarke ex Franch. [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex atherodes Spreng. [Species, accepted]
  30. Carex aueri Kalela [Species, accepted]
  31. Carex caucasica Steven [Species, accepted]

Carex caucasica subsp. caucasica [Subspecies, accepted] Carex caucasica subsp. jisaburo-ohwiana (T.Koyama) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex chinganensis Litv. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex courtallensis Nees ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex craspedotricha Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex cremostachys Franch. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex drymophila Turcz. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex eminens Nees [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex eriophylla (Kük.) Kom. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex fargesii Franch. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex fedia Nees [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex filipedunculata S.W.Su [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex glabrescens (Kük.) Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex henryi (C.B.Clarke) L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex hirta L. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex hirticaulis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex hokarsarensis E.U.Haq & Dar [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex humida Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex hypochlora Freyn [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex inanis Kunth [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex kunlunsanensis N.R.Cui [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex laeviconica Dewey [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex lanceisquama (Hand.-Mazz.) V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex lancisquamata L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex latisquamea Kom. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex lepida Boott [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex maubertiana Boott [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex meridiana Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex micrantha Kük. [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex miyabei Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex miyabei var. maopengensis S.W.Su [Variety, accepted] Carex miyabei var. miyabei [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex mosoynensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex nakaoana T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex ninagongensis (Kük.) Nelmes ex Robyns & Tournay [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex oxyphylla Franch. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex phaenocarpa Franch. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex prainii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex preussii K.Schum. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex raddei Kük. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex rhynchachaenium C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex satakeana T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex schaffneri Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex setigera D.Don [Species, accepted]

Carex setigera var. schlagintweitiana (Boeckeler) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex setigera var. setigera [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex sheldonii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex sordida Van Heurck & Müll.Arg. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex taldycola Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex trichocarpa Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex wui W.M.Chu ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]

Caricoid [, accepted] Caricoid-S [, accepted] Andina-clade [, accepted]

  1. Carex andina Phil. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex aphylla Kunth [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex transandina G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex vallis-pulchrae Phil. [Species, accepted]

Carex vallis-pulchrae var. barrosiana G.A.Wheeler [Variety, accepted] Carex vallis-pulchrae var. vallis-pulchrae [Variety, accepted] Distachya-clade [, accepted]

  1. Carex distachya Desf. [Species, accepted]

Carex distachya var. distachya [Variety, accepted] Carex distachya var. phyllostachioidea Ö.Nilsson [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex macrostyla Lapeyr. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex oedipostyla Duval-Jouve [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex peregrina Link [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex phyllostachys C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex pulicaris L. [Species, accepted]

Schoenoxiphium Nees [Genus, accepted]

  1. Carex densinervosa Chiov. [Species, accepted]
  2. Schoenoxiphium altum Kukkonen [Species, accepted]
  3. Schoenoxiphium basutorum Turrill [Species, accepted]
  4. Schoenoxiphium bracteosum Kukkonen [Species, accepted]
  5. Schoenoxiphium burttii Kukkonen [Species, accepted]
  6. Schoenoxiphium caricoides C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  7. Schoenoxiphium distinctum Kukkonen [Species, accepted]
  8. Schoenoxiphium dregeanum Kunth [Species, accepted]
  9. Schoenoxiphium ecklonii Nees [Species, accepted]
  10. Schoenoxiphium filiforme Kük. [Species, accepted]
  11. Schoenoxiphium gracile Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  12. Schoenoxiphium lanceum (Thunb.) Kük. [Species, accepted]
  13. Schoenoxiphium lehmannii (Nees) Kunth ex Steud. [Species, accepted]
  14. Schoenoxiphium ludwigii Hochst. [Species, accepted]
  15. Schoenoxiphium madagascariense Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  16. Schoenoxiphium molle Kukkonen [Species, accepted]
  17. Schoenoxiphium perdensum Kukkonen [Species, accepted]
  18. Schoenoxiphium rufum Nees [Species, accepted]
  19. Schoenoxiphium schweickerdtii Merxm. & Podlech [Species, accepted]
  20. Schoenoxiphium sparteum (Wahlenb.) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  21. Schoenoxiphium strictum Kukkonen [Species, accepted]
  22. Schoenoxiphium thunbergii Nees [Species, accepted]

Unplaced_Caricoid-S [, accepted] Caricoid-U1 [, accepted] Aciculares [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex acicularis Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex caduca Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex lateriflora Phil. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex minutissima Barros [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex toroensis G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex trichodes Steud. [Species, accepted]

Cardiopera [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex bucharica Kük. [Species, accepted]

Circinatae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex anthoxanthea J.Presl & C.Presl [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex circinnata C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex densicaespitosa L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex hakkodensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex yunyiana X.F.Jin & C.Z.Zheng [Species, accepted]

Curvula.Baldensis-clade [, accepted]

  1. Carex curvula All. [Species, accepted]

Carex curvula subsp. curvula [Subspecies, accepted] Carex curvula subsp. rosae Gilomen [Subspecies, accepted] Dornera Heuffel [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex cephalotes F.Muell. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex micropoda C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex nigricans C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex pyrenaica Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex pyrenaica subsp. micropodioides (V.I.Krecz.) Chandjian [Subspecies, accepted] Carex pyrenaica subsp. pyrenaica [Subspecies, accepted] Filifolieae (Tuck.) Mack. [Section, accepted] Firmiculmes (Kük.) Mack. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex geyeri Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex multicaulis L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex tompkinsii J.T.Howell [Species, accepted]

Inflatae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex breweri Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex engelmannii L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex subnigricans Stacey [Species, accepted]

Junciformes [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex argentina Barros [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex molinae Phil. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex moorei G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex nelmesiana Barros [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex patagonica Speg. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex setifolia Kunze [Species, accepted]

Carex setifolia var. pungens (Boeckeler) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex setifolia var. setifolia [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex sorianoi Barros [Species, accepted]

Kobresia Willd. [Genus, accepted] Elyna.coreKobresia [, accepted]

  1. Kobresia capillifolia (Decne.) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Kobresia duthiei C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  3. Kobresia filifolia (Turcz.) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  4. Kobresia macrolepis Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  5. Kobresia myosuroides (Vill.) Fiori [Species, accepted]

Kobresia myosuroides subsp. bistaminata (W.Z.Di & M.J.Zhong) S.R.Zhang [Subspecies, accepted] Kobresia myosuroides subsp. myosuroides [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Kobresia nitens C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Kobresia robusta Maxim. [Species, accepted]
  3. Kobresia schoenoides (C.A.Mey.) Steud. [Species, accepted]
  4. Kobresia sibirica (Turcz.) Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  5. Kobresia tibetica Maxim. [Species, accepted]

Eukobresia [, accepted]

  1. Kobresia curticeps (C.B.Clarke) Kük. [Species, accepted]
  2. Kobresia curvirostris (C.B.Clarke) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  3. Kobresia fragilis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  4. Kobresia laxa Nees [Species, accepted]
  5. Kobresia royleana (Nees) Boeckeler [Species, accepted]

Kobresia royleana subsp. minshanica (Y.C.Yang) S.R.Zhang [Subspecies, accepted] Kobresia royleana subsp. royleana [Subspecies, accepted] Kobresia royleana var. himalaica Rajbh. & H.Ohba [Variety, accepted]

  1. Kobresia sanguinea (Boott) Raymond [Species, accepted]
  2. Kobresia sikkimensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Kobresia simpliciuscula (Wahlenb.) Mack. [Species, accepted]

Kobresia simpliciuscula subsp. simpliciuscula [Subspecies, accepted] Kobresia simpliciuscula subsp. subfilifolia (T.V.Egorova Jurtzev & V.V.Petrovsky) T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted] Kobresia simpliciuscula subsp. subholarctica T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Kobresia uncinioides (Boott) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Hemicarex [, accepted]

  1. Kobresia cercostachys (Franch.) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Kobresia esenbeckii (Kunth) Noltie [Species, accepted]
  3. Kobresia fissiglumis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  4. Kobresia graminifolia C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  5. Kobresia littledalei C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  6. Kobresia prainii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Kobresia pygmaea (C.B.Clarke) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  8. Kobresia vaginosa C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  9. Kobresia vidua (Boott ex C.B.Clarke) Kük. [Species, accepted]
  10. Kobresia condensata (Kük.) S.R.Zhang & Noltie [Species, accepted]

Pseudokobresia [Section, accepted]

  1. Kobresia macrantha Boeckeler [Species, accepted]

Unplaced_Kobresia [, accepted]

  1. Kobresia karakorumensis Dickoré [Species, accepted]
  2. Kobresia nepalensis (Nees) Kük. [Species, accepted]

Leptocephalae.Psilocarpae [, accepted]

  1. Carex leptalea Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex leptalea subsp. harperi (Fernald) W.Stone [Subspecies, accepted] Carex leptalea subsp. leptalea [Subspecies, accepted] Carex leptalea subsp. pacifica Calder & R.L.Taylor [Subspecies, accepted] Leucoglochin.Unciniaeformes.Pauciflorae [, accepted]

  1. Carex microglochin Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex microglochin subsp. fuegina Kük. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex microglochin subsp. microglochin [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex pauciflora Lightf. [Species, accepted]

Microcephalae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex capitata Sol. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex monostachya A.Rich. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex oreophila C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex runssoroensis K.Schum. [Species, accepted]

Carex runssoroensis var. aberdarensis Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex runssoroensis var. runssoroensis [Variety, accepted] Nardinae (Tuck.) Mack. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex nardina (Hornem.) Fr. [Species, accepted]

Carex nardina var. hepburnii (Boott) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex nardina var. nardina [Variety, accepted] Petraeae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex acocksii C.Archer [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex argunensis Turcz. ex Ledeb. [Species, accepted]

Phyllostachyae Tuck. ex Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex backii Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex basiantha Steud. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex cordillerana Saarela & B.A.Ford [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex jamesii Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex juniperorum Catling Reznicek & Crins [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex latebracteata Waterf. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex saximontana Mack. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex superata Naczi Reznicek & B.A.Ford [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex timida Naczi & B.A.Ford [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex willdenowii Willd. [Species, accepted]

Psilocarpae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex hilairei Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex hilairei var. glazioviana (Boeckeler) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex hilairei var. hilairei [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex hilaireioides C.B.Clarke ex Kük. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex seticulmis Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex vesca C.B.Clarke ex Kük. [Species, accepted]

Rarae C.B.Clarke [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex austro-occidentalis F.T.Wang & Tang ex Y.C.Tang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex capillacea Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex capillacea var. capillacea [Variety, accepted] Carex capillacea var. sachalinensis (F.Schmidt) Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex capitellata Boiss. & Balansa [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex dahurica Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex fulta Franch. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex hakonensis Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex kirinensis W.Wang & Y.L.Chang [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex koyaensis J.Oda & Nagam. [Species, accepted]

Carex koyaensis var. koyaensis [Variety, accepted] Carex koyaensis var. yakushimensis Katsuy. & J.Oda [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex litorhyncha Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex onoei Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pseudodahurica A.P.Khokhr. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex rara Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex rara subsp. patanicola T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex rara subsp. rara [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex ruralis J.Oda & Nagam. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex semihyalofructa Tak.Shimizu [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex stipitiutriculata P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex uda Maxim. [Species, accepted]

Rupestres (Tuck.) Meinsch. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex rupestris All. [Species, accepted]

Carex rupestris subsp. altimontana T.V.Ebel [Subspecies, accepted] Carex rupestris subsp. rupestris [Subspecies, accepted] Unciniaeformes.Pauciflorae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex parva Nees [Species, accepted]

Unplaced_Caricoid-U1 [, accepted]

  1. Carex allanii Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex arsenei Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex enysii Petrie [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex illegitima Ces. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex longissima M.E.Jones [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex motuoensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex ovoidoconica Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex sellowiana Schltdl. [Species, accepted]
  9. Kobresia burangensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  10. Kobresia cuneata Kük. [Species, accepted]
  11. Kobresia esbirajbhandarii Rajbh. & H.Ohba [Species, accepted]
  12. Kobresia falcata F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  13. Kobresia filicina (C.B.Clarke) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  14. Kobresia gammiei C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  15. Kobresia gandakiensis Rajbh. & H.Ohba [Species, accepted]
  16. Kobresia harae Rajbh. & H.Ohba [Species, accepted]
  17. Kobresia hohxilensis R.F.Huang [Species, accepted]
  18. Kobresia humilis (C.A.Mey. ex Trautv.) Serg. [Species, accepted]
  19. Kobresia inflata P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  20. Kobresia kanaii Rajbh. & H.Ohba [Species, accepted]
  21. Kobresia kansuensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  22. Kobresia kobresioidea (Kük.) J.Kern [Species, accepted]
  23. Kobresia kuekenthaliana Hand.-Mazz. [Species, accepted]
  24. Kobresia loliacea F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  25. Kobresia mallae Rajbh. & H.Ohba [Species, accepted]
  26. Kobresia pusilla N.A.Ivanova [Species, accepted]
  27. Kobresia setschwanensis Hand.-Mazz. [Species, accepted]
  28. Kobresia smirnovii N.A.Ivanova [Species, accepted]
  29. Kobresia squamiformis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  30. Kobresia tunicata Hand.-Mazz. [Species, accepted]
  31. Kobresia woodii Noltie [Species, accepted]
  32. Kobresia yadongensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  33. Kobresia yangii S.R.Zhang [Species, accepted]

Caricoid-U2 [, accepted] Cymophyllus Mack. ex Britton & A.Br. [Genus, accepted]

  1. Cymophyllus fraserianus (Ker Gawl.) Kartesz & Gandhi [Species, accepted]

Uncinia Pers. [Genus, accepted]

  1. Carex kingii (R.Br. ex Boott) Reznicek [Species, accepted]

Platyandrae [Section, accepted]

  1. Uncinia brevicaulis (Thouars) Kunth [Species, accepted]
  2. Uncinia clavata (Kük.) Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  3. Uncinia douglasii Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Uncinia erinacea (Cav.) Pers. [Species, accepted]
  5. Uncinia hamata (Sw.) Urb. [Species, accepted]
  6. Uncinia multifaria Nees ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  7. Uncinia phleoides (Cav.) Pers. [Species, accepted]

Stenandrae [Section, accepted]

  1. Uncinia banksii Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Uncinia caespitosa Colenso ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Uncinia compacta R.Br. [Species, accepted]

Uncinia compacta var. alpina Noot. [Variety, accepted] Uncinia compacta var. compacta [Variety, accepted] Uncinia compacta var. nervosa (Boott) C.B.Clarke [Variety, accepted]

  1. Uncinia debilior F.Muell. [Species, accepted]
  2. Uncinia divaricata Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Uncinia elegans (Kük.) Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  4. Uncinia ferruginea Boott [Species, accepted]
  5. Uncinia filiformis Colenso ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Uncinia fuscovaginata Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Uncinia laxiflora Petrie [Species, accepted]
  8. Uncinia lechleriana Steud. [Species, accepted]
  9. Uncinia leptostachya Raoul [Species, accepted]
  10. Uncinia macrolepis Decne. [Species, accepted]
  11. Uncinia macrophylla Steud. [Species, accepted]
  12. Uncinia negeri Kük. [Species, accepted]
  13. Uncinia purpurata Petrie [Species, accepted]
  14. Uncinia riparia R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  15. Uncinia rubra Colenso ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  16. Uncinia strictissima (Kük.) Petrie [Species, accepted]
  17. Uncinia tenella R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  18. Uncinia tenuis Poepp. ex Kunth [Species, accepted]
  19. Uncinia uncinata (L.f.) Kük. [Species, accepted]

Unplaced_Caricoid-U2 [, accepted]

  1. Uncinia × rubrovaginata Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  2. Uncinia affinis (Colenso ex C.B.Clarke) Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  3. Uncinia andina G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Uncinia angustifolia Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  5. Uncinia araucana G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  6. Uncinia aspericaulis G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  7. Uncinia astonii Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  8. Uncinia aucklandica Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  9. Uncinia austroamericana G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  10. Uncinia chilensis G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  11. Uncinia costata Kük. [Species, accepted]
  12. Uncinia dawsonii Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  13. Uncinia dikei Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  14. Uncinia distans Colenso ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  15. Uncinia drucei Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  16. Uncinia ecuadorensis G.A.Wheeler & Goetgh. [Species, accepted]
  17. Uncinia egmontiana Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  18. Uncinia flaccida S.T.Blake [Species, accepted]
  19. Uncinia gracilenta Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  20. Uncinia hookeri Boott [Species, accepted]
  21. Uncinia involuta Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  22. Uncinia koyamae Gómez-Laur. [Species, accepted]
  23. Uncinia lacustris G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  24. Uncinia longifructus (Kük.) Petrie [Species, accepted]
  25. Uncinia macloviana Gaudich. [Species, accepted]
  26. Uncinia macloviformis G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  27. Uncinia nemoralis K.L.Wilson [Species, accepted]
  28. Uncinia obtusifolia Heenan [Species, accepted]
  29. Uncinia paludosa G.A.Wheeler & Goetgh. [Species, accepted]
  30. Uncinia perplexa Heenan & de Lange [Species, accepted]
  31. Uncinia rapaensis H.St.John [Species, accepted]
  32. Uncinia scabra Colenso ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  33. Uncinia scabriuscula G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  34. Uncinia silvestris Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  35. Uncinia sinclairii Boott ex Hook.f. [Species, accepted]
  36. Uncinia subsacculata G.A.Wheeler & Goetgh. [Species, accepted]
  37. Uncinia sulcata K.L.Wilson [Species, accepted]
  38. Uncinia tenuifolia G.A.Wheeler & Goetgh. [Species, accepted]
  39. Uncinia triquetra Kük. [Species, accepted]
  40. Uncinia viridis (C.B.Clarke) Edgar [Species, accepted]
  41. Uncinia zotovii Hamlin [Species, accepted]

Unplaced_Caricoid [, accepted]

  1. Carex austroamericana G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]

coreCarex [, accepted] Abditae Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex acaulis d'Urv. [Species, accepted]

Abditispicae G.A.Wheeler [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex collumanthus (Steyerm.) L.E.Mora [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex macrosolen Steud. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pisanoi G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex subantarctica Speg. [Species, accepted]

Acrocystis Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex albicans Willd. ex Spreng. [Species, accepted]

Carex albicans var. albicans [Variety, accepted] Carex albicans var. australis (L.H.Bailey) Rettig [Variety, accepted] Carex albicans var. emmonsii (Dewey ex Torr.) Rettig [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex amgunensis F.Schmidt [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex brainerdii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex communis L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]

Carex communis var. amplisquama (F.J.Herm.) Rettig [Variety, accepted] Carex communis var. communis [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex deflexa Hornem. [Species, accepted]

Carex deflexa var. boottii L.H.Bailey [Variety, accepted] Carex deflexa var. deflexa [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex ericetorum Pollich [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex filiformis L. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex floridana Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex fritschii Waisb. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex geophila Mack. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex gifuensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex globosa Boott [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex globularis L. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex grioletii Roem. ex Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex hypsipedos C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex inops L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]

Carex inops subsp. heliophila (Mack.) Crins [Subspecies, accepted] Carex inops subsp. inops [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex leucantha Arn. ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex lucorum Willd. [Species, accepted]

Carex lucorum var. austrolucorum Rettig [Variety, accepted] Carex lucorum var. lucorum [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex mandshurica Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex markgrafii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex melanocarpa Cham. ex Trautv. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex microrhyncha Mack. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex mira Kük. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex montana L. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex nigromarginata Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex novae-angliae Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex oxyandra (Franch. & Sav.) Kudô [Species, accepted]

Carex oxyandra var. oxyandra [Variety, accepted] Carex oxyandra var. pauzhetica (A.E.Kozhevn.) A.E.Kozhevn. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex peckii Howe [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pensylvanica Lam. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pilulifera L. [Species, accepted]

Carex pilulifera subsp. azorica (J.Gay) Franco & Rocha Afonso [Subspecies, accepted] Carex pilulifera subsp. pilulifera [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex pityophila Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex reznicekii Werier [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex riloensis Stoeva & E.D.Popova [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex rossii Boott [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex serpenticola Zika [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex tonsa (Fernald) E.P.Bicknell [Species, accepted]

Carex tonsa var. rugosperma (Mack.) Crins [Variety, accepted] Carex tonsa var. tonsa [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex tricolor Velen. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex turbinata Liebm. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex ulobasis V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex umbellata Willd. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex van-heurckii Müll.Arg. [Species, accepted]

Carex van-heurckii subsp. crassispiculata (Malyschev) Malyschev [Subspecies, accepted] Carex van-heurckii subsp. van-heurckii [Subspecies, accepted] Albae (Asch. & Graebn.) Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex alba Scop. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex eburnea Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex mckittrickensis P.W.Ball [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex ussuriensis Kom. [Species, accepted]

Alliiformes S.Akiyama [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex alliiformis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Anomalae J.Carey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex albidibasis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex alsophila F.Muell. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex amplifolia Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex angustiutricula F.T.Wang & Tang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex brownii Tuck. [Species, accepted]

Carex brownii subsp. brownii [Subspecies, accepted] Carex brownii subsp. transversa (Boott) J.Kern [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex hemineuros T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex jaluensis Kom. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex lacistoma R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex liui T.Koyama & T.I.Chuang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex lobulirostris Drejer [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex maculata Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex maculata var. maculata [Variety, accepted] Carex maculata var. tetsuoi (Ohwi) Hatus. ex T.Koyama [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex neopetelotii Raymond [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pseudochinensis H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex scabrata Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex subtransversa C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Aulocystis Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex albida L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex atrofusca Schkuhr [Species, accepted]

Carex atrofusca subsp. atrofusca [Subspecies, accepted] Carex atrofusca subsp. minor (Boott) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex atrofuscoides K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex austroalpina Bech. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex blepharicarpa Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex blepharicarpa var. blepharicarpa [Variety, accepted] Carex blepharicarpa var. dueensis (Meinsh.) Akiyama [Variety, accepted] Carex blepharicarpa var. hirtifructus (Kük.) Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex borii Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex brachystachys Schrank [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex caudata (Kük.) Pereda & Laínz [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex chrysolepis Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]

Carex chrysolepis var. chrysolepis [Variety, accepted] Carex chrysolepis var. glabrior (Ohwi) Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex cilicica Boiss. [Species, accepted]

Carex cilicica subsp. cilicica [Subspecies, accepted] Carex cilicica subsp. muglaica Ö.Nilsson [Subspecies, accepted] Carex cilicica subsp. muratica Ö.Nilsson [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex coriophora Fisch. & C.A.Mey. ex Kunth [Species, accepted]

Carex coriophora subsp. coriophora [Subspecies, accepted] Carex coriophora subsp. langtaodianensis S.Yun Liang [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex cranaocarpa Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex cruenta Nees [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex drepanorhyncha Franch. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex eriocarpa Hausskn. & Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex ferruginea Scop. [Species, accepted]

Carex ferruginea subsp. ferruginea [Subspecies, accepted] Carex ferruginea subsp. macrostachys (Bertol.) Arcang. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex ferruginea subsp. tendae W.Dietr. [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex fimbriata Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex firma Host [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex fissuricola Mack. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex frigida All. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex fuliginosa Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex fulvorubescens Hayata [Species, accepted]

Carex fulvorubescens subsp. fulvorubescens [Subspecies, accepted] Carex fulvorubescens subsp. longistipes (Hayata) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex gonggaensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex graminiculmis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex haematostoma Nees [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex heshuonensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex hirtelloides (Kük.) F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex karlongensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex kitaibeliana Degen ex Bech. [Species, accepted]

Carex kitaibeliana var. capillata (Acht.) Stoeva E.D.Popova & Uzunova [Variety, accepted] Carex kitaibeliana var. kitaibeliana [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex koshewnikowii Litv. [Species, accepted]

Carex koshewnikowii subsp. chitralensis (Nelmes) Dickore [Subspecies, accepted] Carex koshewnikowii subsp. koshewnikowii [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex kwangtoushanica K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex lemmonii W.Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex limprichtiana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex litvinovii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex luzulifolia W.Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex luzulina Olney [Species, accepted]

Carex luzulina var. ablata (L.H.Bailey) F.J.Herm. [Variety, accepted] Carex luzulina var. atropurpurea Dorn [Variety, accepted] Carex luzulina var. luzulina [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex macrolepis DC. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex makinoensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex mochomuensis Katsuy. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex montis-everesti Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex mucronata All. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex mucronatiformis Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex neodigyna P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex petricosa Dewey [Species, accepted]

Carex petricosa var. misandroides (Fernald) B.Boivin [Variety, accepted] Carex petricosa var. petricosa [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex plectobasis V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex przewalskii T.V.Egorova [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex psychrophila Nees [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex purpureovagina F.T.Wang & Y.L.Chang ex S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex qinghaiensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex regeliana (Kük.) Litv. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex ridongensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex scabrirostris Kük. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex sempervirens Vill. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex setosa Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex setosa var. mianxianica S.Yun Liang [Variety, accepted] Carex setosa var. punctata S.Yun Liang [Variety, accepted] Carex setosa var. setosa [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex siroumensis Koidz. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex stenantha Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]

Carex stenantha var. stenantha [Variety, accepted] Carex stenantha var. taisetsuensis Akiyama [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex stenocarpa Turcz. ex V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex tatsiensis (Franch.) Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex tenuior T.Koyama & T.I.Chuang [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex tianschanica T.V.Egorova [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex tristis M.Bieb. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex viridimarginata Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex yajiangensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]

Bicolores Tuck. ex L.H.Bailey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex aurea Nutt. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex bicolor Bellardi ex All. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex garberi Fernald [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex hassei L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]

Carex [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × adulterina Chenev. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × bosoensis Yashiro [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × elisabethae J.Andrés & al. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × hanasakensis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex × hosoii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × lidii Hadac [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × limnicola H.Gross [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × ludibunda J.Gay [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex × marshallii A.Benn. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex × microstachya Ehrh. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex × nikaii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex × pseudoaxillaris K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex × pseudovulpina K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex × raciborskii Zapal. [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex × rotae De Not. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex × schuetzeana Figert [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex × senayana Soó [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex × stricticulmis Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex × subcostata Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex × sylvenii Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex × tenebricans Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex × tenelliformis Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex × toezensis Simonk. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex albert-smithii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex alta Boott [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex altaica (Gorodkov) V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex arcatica Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex ascotreta C.B.Clarke ex Franch. [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex atherodes Spreng. [Species, accepted]
  30. Carex aueri Kalela [Species, accepted]
  31. Carex caucasica Steven [Species, accepted]

Carex caucasica subsp. caucasica [Subspecies, accepted] Carex caucasica subsp. jisaburo-ohwiana (T.Koyama) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex chinganensis Litv. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex courtallensis Nees ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex craspedotricha Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex cremostachys Franch. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex drymophila Turcz. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex eminens Nees [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex eriophylla (Kük.) Kom. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex fargesii Franch. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex fedia Nees [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex filipedunculata S.W.Su [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex glabrescens (Kük.) Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex henryi (C.B.Clarke) L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex hirta L. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex hirticaulis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex hokarsarensis E.U.Haq & Dar [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex humida Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex hypochlora Freyn [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex inanis Kunth [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex kunlunsanensis N.R.Cui [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex laeviconica Dewey [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex lanceisquama (Hand.-Mazz.) V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex lancisquamata L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex latisquamea Kom. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex lepida Boott [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex maubertiana Boott [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex meridiana Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex micrantha Kük. [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex miyabei Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex miyabei var. maopengensis S.W.Su [Variety, accepted] Carex miyabei var. miyabei [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex mosoynensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex nakaoana T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex ninagongensis (Kük.) Nelmes ex Robyns & Tournay [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex oxyphylla Franch. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex phaenocarpa Franch. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex prainii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex preussii K.Schum. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex raddei Kük. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex rhynchachaenium C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex satakeana T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex schaffneri Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex setigera D.Don [Species, accepted]

Carex setigera var. schlagintweitiana (Boeckeler) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex setigera var. setigera [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex sheldonii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex sordida Van Heurck & Müll.Arg. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex taldycola Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex trichocarpa Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex wui W.M.Chu ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]

Careyanae Tuck. ex Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex abscondita Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex austrocaroliniana L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex baimaensis S.W.Su [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex canaliculata P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex careyana Torr. ex Dewey [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex changmuensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex cumberlandensis Naczi Kral & Bryson [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex digitalis Willd. [Species, accepted]

Carex digitalis var. digitalis [Variety, accepted] Carex digitalis var. floridana (L.H.Bailey) Naczi & Bryson [Variety, accepted] Carex digitalis var. macropoda Fernald [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex hypoblephara & Ryu [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex laxiculmis Schwein. [Species, accepted]

Carex laxiculmis var. copulata (L.H.Bailey) Fernald [Variety, accepted] Carex laxiculmis var. laxiculmis [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex plantaginea Lam. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex platyphylla J.Carey [Species, accepted]

Ceratocystis Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × alsatica Zahn [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × fulva Gooden. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × xanthocarpa Degl. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex castroviejoi Luceño & Jim.Mejías [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex cataractae R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex cryptolepis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex derelicta Štepánková [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex flava L. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex flaviformis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex hostiana DC. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex lutea Leblond [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex monotropa Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex nevadensis Boiss. & Reut. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex sagei Phil. [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex viridula Michx. [Species, accepted]

Carex viridula subsp. brachyrhyncha (Celak.) B.Schmid [Subspecies, accepted] Carex viridula subsp. oedocarpa (Andersson) B.Schmid [Subspecies, accepted] Carex viridula subsp. viridula [Subspecies, accepted] Carex viridula var. bergrothii (Palmgr.) B.Schmid [Variety, accepted] Carex viridula var. jemtlandica (Palmgr.) Blackst. & P.A.Ashton [Variety, accepted] Carex viridula var. saxilittoralis (A.Robertson) Crins [Variety, accepted] Carex viridula var. scotica (E.W.Davies) B.Schmid [Variety, accepted] Chlorostachyae Tuck. ex Meinsh. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex boecheriana Á.Löve D.Löve & Raymond [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex capillaris L. [Species, accepted]

Carex capillaris subsp. capillaris [Subspecies, accepted] Carex capillaris subsp. fuscidula (V.I.Krecz. ex T.V.Egorova) Á.Löve & D.Löve [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex chlorostachys Steven [Species, accepted]

Carex chlorostachys var. chlorostachys [Variety, accepted] Carex chlorostachys var. conferta Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex delicata C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex handelii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex karoi (Freyn) Freyn [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex krausei Boeckeler [Species, accepted]

Carex krausei subsp. krausei [Subspecies, accepted] Carex krausei subsp. porsildiana (Polunin) Á.Löve D.Löve & Raymond [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex ledebouriana C.A.Mey. ex Trevir. [Species, accepted]

Carex ledebouriana subsp. ledebouriana [Subspecies, accepted] Carex ledebouriana subsp. substepposa Malyschev [Subspecies, accepted] Carex ledebouriana subsp. transbaicalensis Malyschev [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex neofilipes Nakai [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex sedakowii C.A.Mey. ex Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex tenuiformis H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex williamsii Britton [Species, accepted]

Clandestinae G.Don [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex bitchuensis T.Hoshino & H.Ikeda [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex callitrichos V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]

Carex callitrichos var. callitrichos [Variety, accepted] Carex callitrichos var. nana (H.Lév. & Vaniot) S.Yun Liang L.K.Dai & Y.C.Tang [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex capilliculmis S.R.Zhang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex chiwuana F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex concinna R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex concinnoides Mack. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex crebra V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex dayuongensis Z.P.Wang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex digitata L. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex erythrobasis H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex globistylosa P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex hashimotoi Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex holotricha Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex humilis Leyss. [Species, accepted]

Carex humilis var. humilis [Variety, accepted] Carex humilis var. scirrobasis (Kitag.) Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex huolushanensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex infossa Z.P.Wang [Species, accepted]

Carex infossa var. extensa S.W.Su [Variety, accepted] Carex infossa var. infossa [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex korkischkoae A.E.Kozhevn. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex laeta Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex laeta subsp. gelongii Noltie [Subspecies, accepted] Carex laeta subsp. laeta [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex lanceolata Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex lanceolata var. lanceolata [Variety, accepted] Carex lanceolata var. laxa Ohwi [Variety, accepted] Carex lanceolata var. subpediformis Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex lancifolia C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex lasiolepis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex macrosandra (Franch.) V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex martynenkoi Zolot. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex meihsienica K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex minuticulmis S.W.Su & S.M.Xu [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex obovatosquamata F.T.Wang & Y.L.Chang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex ornithopoda Willd. [Species, accepted]

Carex ornithopoda subsp. ornithopoda [Subspecies, accepted] Carex ornithopoda subsp. ornithopodioides (Hausm.) Nyman [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex pachyneura Kitag. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pallidula Harmaja [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pediformis C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]

Carex pediformis var. macroura (Meinsh.) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex pediformis var. pediformis [Variety, accepted] Carex pediformis var. pedunculata Maxim. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex pedunculata Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pseudohumilis F.T.Wang & Y.L.Chang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex qingyangensis S.W.Su & S.M.Xu [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex quadriflora (Kük.) Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex rhizina Blytt ex Lindblom [Species, accepted]

Carex rhizina subsp. reventa (V.I.Krecz.) T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted] Carex rhizina subsp. rhizina [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex richardsonii R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex scolopendriformis F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex shaanxiensis F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex shuchengensis S.W.Su & Q.Zhang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex sichouensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex taihokuensis Hayata [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex yuexiensis S.W.Su & S.M.Xu [Species, accepted]

Collinsiae (Mack.) Mack. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex collinsii Nutt. [Species, accepted]

Confertiflorae Franch. ex Ohwi [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex benkei Tak.Shimizu [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex dispalata Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex dispalata subsp. dispalata [Subspecies, accepted] Carex dispalata subsp. laxiflorens T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex hymenodon Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex idzuroei Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex nemostachys Steud. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex obliquicarpa X.F.Jin C.Z.Zheng & B.Y.Ding [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex oedorrhampha Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex olivacea Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex olivacea subsp. confertiflora (Boott) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex olivacea subsp. olivacea [Subspecies, accepted] Carex olivacea subsp. recurvisaccus (T.Koyama) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex pseudodispalata K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex retrofracta Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex sclerocarpa Franch. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex sinoaristata Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]

Cryptostachyae Franch. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex cryptostachys Brongn. [Species, accepted]

Debiles (J.Carey) Ohwi [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex baohuashanica Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex bostrychostigma Maxim. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex deqinensis L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex fastigiata Franch. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex finitima Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex finitima var. attenuata C.B.Clarke [Variety, accepted] Carex finitima var. finitima [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex fusiformis Nees [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex hirtiutriculata L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex purpureosquamata L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]

Decorae (Kük.) Ohwi [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex anomoea Hand.-Mazz. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex baiposhanensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex decora Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex dielsiana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex insignis Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex jizhuangensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex morii Hayata [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex perakensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Carex perakensis var. borneensis (C.B.Clarke) Noot. [Variety, accepted] Carex perakensis var. perakensis [Variety, accepted] Carex perakensis var. vansteenisii (Kük.) Noot. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex pomiensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pontica Albov [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex reinii Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex subperakensis L.K.Ling & Y.Z.Huang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex tokarensis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex turrita C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Carex turrita var. merrillii (Kük.) Noot. [Variety, accepted] Carex turrita var. turrita [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex urelytra Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex verticillata Zoll. & Moritzi [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex walkeri Arn. ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex zhenkangensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]

Depauperatae Meinsh. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex brevicollis DC. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex campylorhina V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex depauperata Curtis ex Stokes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex michelii Host [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex mingrelica Kük. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex nikolskensis Kom. [Species, accepted]

Euprepes Nelmes & Airy Shaw [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex euprepes Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex zizaniifolia Raymond [Species, accepted]

Fecundae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex ballsii Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex catamarcensis C.B.Clarke ex Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex caxinensis F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex cortesii Liebm. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex donnell-smithii L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex fecunda Steud. [Species, accepted]

Carex fecunda var. atropurpurea (Boeckeler) J.F.Macbr. [Variety, accepted] Carex fecunda var. fecunda [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex jamesonii Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex jamesonii var. gracilis L.H.Bailey [Variety, accepted] Carex jamesonii var. jamesonii [Variety, accepted] Carex jamesonii var. melanosperma (Liebm.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex lemanniana Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pichinchensis Kunth [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex tuberculata Liebm. [Species, accepted]

Glaucescentes Reznicek [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex glaucescens Elliott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex joorii L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex verrucosa Muhl. [Species, accepted]

Graciles Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex autumnalis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex bilateralis Hayata [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex bodinieri Franch. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex brunnea Thunb. [Species, accepted]

Carex brunnea subsp. brunnea [Subspecies, accepted] Carex brunnea subsp. occidentalis Lye [Subspecies, accepted] Carex brunnea var. abscondita T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex brunnea var. arabica S.S.Hooper [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex chichijimensis Katsuy. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex ereica Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex gentilis Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex gentilis var. gentilis [Variety, accepted] Carex gentilis var. intermedia F.T.Wang & Tang ex Y.C.Yang [Variety, accepted] Carex gentilis var. macrocarpa Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Variety, accepted] Carex gentilis var. nakaharae (Hayata) T.Koyama [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex gongshanensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex hattoriana Nakai ex Tuyama [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex lenta D.Don [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex longipes D.Don ex Tilloch & Taylor [Species, accepted]

Carex longipes var. longipes [Variety, accepted] Carex longipes var. sessilis Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex lushanensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex meyenii Nees [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex nachiana Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex negrii Chiov. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex omeiensis Tang [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex orbicularinucis L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex pergracilis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex sacrosancta Honda [Species, accepted]

Carex sacrosancta var. sacrosancta [Variety, accepted] Carex sacrosancta var. tamakii (T.Koyama) T.Koyama [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex sendaica Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex sendaica var. pseudosendaica T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex sendaica var. sendaica [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex sinodissitiflora Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex stipitinux C.B.Clarke ex Franch. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex teinogyna Boott [Species, accepted]

Granulares (O.Lang) Mack. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex atractodes F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex crawei Dewey ex Torr. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex gholsonii Naczi & Cochrane [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex granularis Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex guatemalensis F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex microdonta Torr. [Species, accepted]

Griseae (L.H.Bailey) Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex acidicola Naczi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex amphibola Steud. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex asynchrona Naczi [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex brysonii Naczi [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex bulbostylis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex calcifugens Naczi [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex conoidea Willd. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex corrugata Fernald [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex edwardsiana E.L.Bridges & Orzell [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex flaccosperma Dewey [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex glaucodea Tuck. ex Olney [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex godfreyi Naczi [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex grisea Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex hitchcockiana Dewey [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex impressinervia Bryson Kral & Manhart [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex oligocarpa Willd. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex ouachitana Kral Manhart & Bryson [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex paeninsulae Naczi E.L.Bridges & Orzell [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex pigra Naczi [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex planispicata Naczi [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex quichensis F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex thornei Naczi [Species, accepted]

Hallerianae (Asch. & Graebn.) Rouy [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex dasycarpa Muhl. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex halleriana Asso [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex lativena S.D.Jones & G.D.Jones [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex planostachys Kunze [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex rorulenta Porta [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex tenax Chapm. ex Dewey [Species, accepted]

Hangzhouenses C.Z.Zheng [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex hangzhouensis C.Z.Zheng X.F.Jin & B.Y.Ding [Species, accepted]

Hemiscaposae C.B.Clarke [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex adrienii E.G.Camus [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex damiaoshanensis X.F.Jin & C.Z.Zheng [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex densifimbriata Tang & F.T.Wang [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex kucyniakii Raymond [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex kwangsiensis F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex lingii F.T.Wang & Tang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex liouana F.T.Wang & Tang [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex peliosanthifolia F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex scaposa C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Carex scaposa var. dolichostachya F.T.Wang & Tang [Variety, accepted] Carex scaposa var. hirsuta P.C.Li [Variety, accepted] Carex scaposa var. scaposa [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex ypsilandrifolia F.T.Wang & Tang [Species, accepted]

Hirtifoliae Reznicek [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex hirtifolia Mack. [Species, accepted]

Hymenochlaenae (Drejer) L.H.Bailey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × aestivaliformis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × knieskernii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × sullivantii Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex aestivalis M.A.Curtis ex A.Gray [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex arctata Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex aristatisquamata Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex arnellii Christ ex Scheutz [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex assiniboinensis W.Boott [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex austromexicana Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex biegensis Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex brunnipes Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex caeligena Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex castanea Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex cercidascus C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex cherokeensis Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex chiapensis F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex conspecta Mack. [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex davisii Schwein. & Torr. [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex debilis Michx. [Species, accepted]

Carex debilis var. debilis [Variety, accepted] Carex debilis var. rudgei L.H.Bailey [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex flexirostris Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex formosa Dewey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex gracillima Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex gynodynama Olney [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex hirtissima W.Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex hondoensis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex hubbardii Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex huehueteca Standl. & Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex ixtapalucensis Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex iynx Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex johnstonii Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex longibrachiata Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex mackenziana Weath. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex magnoutriculata Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex mendocinensis Olney ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex metallica H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex misera Buckley [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex munipoorensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex neopolycephala Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]

Carex neopolycephala var. neopolycephala [Variety, accepted] Carex neopolycephala var. simplex Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex nitidiutriculata L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex obispoensis Stacey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex oxylepis Torr. & Hook. [Species, accepted]

Carex oxylepis var. oxylepis [Variety, accepted] Carex oxylepis var. pubescens J.K.Underw. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex perlonga Fernald [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pertenuis L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pinophila Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex prasina Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex pubigluma Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex queretarensis Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex renauldii H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex rhynchoperigynium S.D.Jones & Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex roanensis F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex shuangbaiensis L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex spachiana Boott [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex sprengelii Dewey ex Spreng. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex steyermarkii Standl. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex sutchuensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex tangii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex tenejapensis Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex tunimanensis Standl. & Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex venusta Dewey [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex wenshanensis L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex yunnanensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex zekogensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]

Hypolytroides Nelmes [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex hypolytroides Ridl. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex moupinensis Franch. [Species, accepted]

Indicae Tuck. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex alboviridis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex andringitrensis Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex angolensis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex bathiei H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex brassii Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex burttii Noltie [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex castanostachya K.Schum. ex Kük. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex cataphyllodes Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex chlorosaccus C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex commixta Steud. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex continua C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex cruciata Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex deciduisquama F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex doisutepensis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex echinochloe Kunze [Species, accepted]

Carex echinochloe subsp. echinochloe [Subspecies, accepted] Carex echinochloe subsp. nyasensis (C.B.Clarke) Lye [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex elatior Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex filicina Nees [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex graminifolia Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex guffroyi H.Lév. & Perrier [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex haematosaccus C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex heterodoxa Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex hildebrandtiana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex hirtigluma C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Carex hirtigluma var. arcuata (Cherm.) Gehrke [Variety, accepted] Carex hirtigluma var. hirtigluma [Variety, accepted] Carex hirtigluma var. perrieri (H.Lév.) Gehrke [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex horsfieldii Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex hovarum Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex humpatensis H.E.Hess [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex indica L. [Species, accepted]

Carex indica var. indica [Variety, accepted] Carex indica var. microcarpa T.Koyama [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex indiciformis F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex macrophyllidion Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex malaccensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex merxmuelleri Podlech [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex neochevalieri Kük. ex A.Chev. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex neohebridensis Guillaumin & Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex proxima Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex pyramidalis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex rafflesiana Boott [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex renschiana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex rutenbergiana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex sambiranensis (H.Lév.) Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex scabripes Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex schliebenii Podlech [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex spicatopaniculata Boeckeler ex C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex steudneri Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex stramentitia Boott ex Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex subfilicinoides Kük. [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex tenuipaniculata P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex thailandica T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex tricholepis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex tsaratananensis Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex valbrayi H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex wahlenbergiana Boott [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex zuluensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Ischnostachyae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex ischnostachya Steud. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex subtumida (Kük.) Ohwi [Species, accepted]

Japonicae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex satsumensis Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]

Lageniformes (Ohwi) Nelmes [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex breviscapa C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex densipilosa C.Z.Zheng & X.F.Jin [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex ligata Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex palawanensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex taihuensis S.W.Su & S.M.Xu [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex tenuispicula Tang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex truncatigluma C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Lamprochlaenae (Drejer) L.H.Bailey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex allivescens V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex aridula V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex asperifructus Kük. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex glacialis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex ivanoviae T.V.Egorova [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex korshinskyi Kom. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex liparocarpos Gaudin [Species, accepted]

Carex liparocarpos subsp. bordzilowskii (V.I.Krecz.) T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted] Carex liparocarpos subsp. liparocarpos [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex malyschevii T.V.Egorova [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex minutiscabra Kük. ex Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pseudosupina Y.C.Tang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex relaxa V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex supina Willd. ex Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex supina var. spaniocarpa (Steud.) B.Boivin [Variety, accepted] Carex supina var. supina [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex tangulashanensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex turkestanica Regel [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex ungurensis Litv. [Species, accepted]

Laxiflorae (Kunth) Mack [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex albursina E.Sheld. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex blanda Dewey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex chapmanii Steud. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex congestiflora Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex crebriflora Wiegand [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex hendersonii L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex kraliana Naczi & Bryson [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex laxiflora Lam. [Species, accepted]

Carex laxiflora var. gracillima Boott [Variety, accepted] Carex laxiflora var. laxiflora [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex leptonervia (Fernald) Fernald [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex manhartii Bryson [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex ormostachya Wiegand [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex purpurifera Mack. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex radfordii Gaddy [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex striatula Michx. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex styloflexa Buckley [Species, accepted]

Limosae (Heuff.) Meinsh. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × connectens Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × firmior (Norman) Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × stygia Fr. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex barrattii Torr. ex Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex limosa L. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex magellanica Lam. [Species, accepted]

Carex magellanica subsp. irrigua (Wahlenb.) Hiitonen [Subspecies, accepted] Carex magellanica subsp. magellanica [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex pluriflora Hultén [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex rariflora (Wahlenb.) Sm. [Species, accepted]

Carex rariflora var. androgyna Porsild [Variety, accepted] Carex rariflora var. rariflora [Variety, accepted] Longicaules Mack. ex Reznicek [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex anisostachys Liebm. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex coulteri Boott ex Hemsl. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex longicaulis Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex pygmaea Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex whitneyi Olney [Species, accepted]

Lupulinae Tuck. ex J.Carey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex gigantea Rudge [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex grayi J.Carey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex intumescens Rudge [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex louisianica L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex lupuliformis Sartwell ex Dewey [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex lupulina Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]

Mitratae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex atroviridis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex breviaristata K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex breviculmis R.Br. [Species, accepted]

Carex breviculmis var. breviculmis [Variety, accepted] Carex breviculmis var. discoidea (Boott) Boott [Variety, accepted] Carex breviculmis var. fibrillosa (Franch. & Sav.) Matsum. & Hayata [Variety, accepted] Carex breviculmis var. montivaga (S.T.Blake) Noot. [Variety, accepted] Carex breviculmis var. perciliata Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex breviculmis var. puberula (Boott) Makino [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex capilliformis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex caryophyllea Latourr. [Species, accepted]

Carex caryophyllea var. caryophyllea [Variety, accepted] Carex caryophyllea var. microtricha (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex chungii Z.P.Wang [Species, accepted]

Carex chungii var. chungii [Variety, accepted] Carex chungii var. rigida Y.C.Tang & S.Yun Liang [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex clivorum Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex conica Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex conspissata V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex daisenensis Nakai [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex davidii Franch. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex depressa Link [Species, accepted]

Carex depressa subsp. basilaris (Jord.) Cif. & Giacom. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex depressa subsp. depressa [Subspecies, accepted] Carex depressa subsp. transsilvanica (Schur) K.Richt. [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex dolichostachya Hayata [Species, accepted]

Carex dolichostachya f. imbecillis (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Form, accepted] Carex dolichostachya subsp. dolichostachya [Subspecies, accepted] Carex dolichostachya subsp. trichosperma (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex duvaliana Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex foliosissima F.Schmidt [Species, accepted]

Carex foliosissima var. foliosissima [Variety, accepted] Carex foliosissima var. latissima (Ohwi) Akiyama [Variety, accepted] Carex foliosissima var. pallidivaginata J.Oda & Nagam. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex foraminata C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex foraminatiformis Y.C.Tang & S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex genkaiensis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex hachijoensis Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex hakonemontana Katsuy. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex hezhouensis H.Wang & S.N.Wang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex jacens C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex kamagariensis K.Okamoto [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex kiangsuensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex kimurae & T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex mayebarana Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex mitrata Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex mitrata var. aristata Ohwi [Variety, accepted] Carex mitrata var. mitrata [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex morrowii Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex morrowii var. laxa Ohwi [Variety, accepted] Carex morrowii var. morrowii [Variety, accepted] Carex morrowii var. temnolepis (Franch.) Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex nervata Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex omurae T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex orthostemon Hayata [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex oshimensis Nakai [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex phaeodon T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex pisiformis Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex pisiformis f. iwakiana (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Form, accepted] Carex pisiformis var. aureobrunnea (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex pisiformis var. elongatula (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex pisiformis var. fulva (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex pisiformis var. longiuscula (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex pisiformis var. pineticola (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex pisiformis var. pisiformis [Variety, accepted] Carex pisiformis var. sikokiana (Franch. & Sav.) T.Koyama [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex polyschoenoides K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pseudotristachya X.F.Jin & C.Z.Zheng [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pudica Honda [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex qingliangensis D.M.Weng H.W.Zhang & S.F.Xu [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex qiyunensis S.W.Su & S.M.Xu [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex rugata Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex shanghangensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex sociata Boott [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex stenostachys Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]

Carex stenostachys var. cuneata (Ohwi) & T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex stenostachys var. ikegamiana T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex stenostachys var. stenostachys [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex subebracteata (Kük.) Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex subumbellata Meinsh. [Species, accepted]

Carex subumbellata var. subumbellata [Variety, accepted] Carex subumbellata var. verecunda Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex tashiroana Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex tenuinervis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex tianmushanica C.Z.Zheng & X.F.Jin [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex titovii V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex trautvetteriana Kom. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex tristachya Thunb. [Species, accepted]

Carex tristachya var. pocilliformis (Boott) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex tristachya var. tristachya [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex tsushimensis (Ohwi) Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex tungfangensis L.K.Dai & S.M.Huang [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex umbrosa Host [Species, accepted]

Carex umbrosa subsp. huetiana (Boiss.) Soó [Subspecies, accepted] Carex umbrosa subsp. pseudosabynensis T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted] Carex umbrosa subsp. sabynensis (Less. ex Kunth) Kük. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex umbrosa subsp. umbrosa [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex yasuii Katsuy. [Species, accepted]

Molliculae Ohwi [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex agglomerata C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex alopecuroides D.Don ex Tilloch & Taylor [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex doniana Spreng. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex harrysmithii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex huashanica Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex japonica Thunb. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex mollicula Boott [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex planiculmis Kom. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex purpureotincta Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex radicina Z.P.Wang [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex scabrisacca & Ryu [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex xiangxiensis Z.P.Wang [Species, accepted]

Mundae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex dissitiflora Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex dissitiflora subsp. dissitiflora [Subspecies, accepted] Carex dissitiflora subsp. taiwanensis (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex munda Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex yulungshanensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]

Occlusae C.B.Clarke [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex hebecarpa C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex ligulata Nees [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex phyllocephala T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex poculisquama Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex polycephala Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex pseudoligulata L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex pseudophyllocephala L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]

Paludosae G.Don [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × caesariensis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × evoluta Hartm. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × sooi Jakucs [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × subimpressa Clokey [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex acutiformis Ehrh. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex aematorrhyncha Desv. [Species, accepted]

Carex aematorrhyncha var. aematorrhyncha [Variety, accepted] Carex aematorrhyncha var. corralensis (Phil.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex argyi H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex bichenoviana Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex congdonii L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex gotoi Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex halliana L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex heterostachya Bunge [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex houghtoniana Torr. ex Dewey [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex hyalinolepis Steud. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex kirganica Kom. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex lacustris Willd. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex lasiocarpa Ehrh. [Species, accepted]

Carex lasiocarpa var. americana Fernald [Variety, accepted] Carex lasiocarpa var. lasiocarpa [Variety, accepted] Carex lasiocarpa var. occultans (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex melanostachya M.Bieb. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pellita Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pumila Thunb. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex riparia Curtis [Species, accepted]

Carex riparia subsp. chilensis (Brongn.) Kük. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex riparia subsp. riparia [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex rugulosa Kük. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex sartwelliana Olney [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex scabrifolia Steud. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex songorica Kar. & Kir. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex striata Michx. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex subinflata Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex subpumila Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex tangiana Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex vestita Willd. [Species, accepted]

Paniceae G.Don [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × langii Steud. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex algida Turcz. ex V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex arisanensis Hayata [Species, accepted]

Carex arisanensis subsp. arisanensis [Subspecies, accepted] Carex arisanensis subsp. ruianensis H.Wang C.Song & X.F.Jin [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex asturica Boiss. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex biltmoreana Mack. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex brachycalama Griseb. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex californica L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex confertospicata Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex filipes Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]

Carex filipes var. arakiana (Ohwi) Ohwi [Variety, accepted] Carex filipes var. filipes [Variety, accepted] Carex filipes var. oligostachys Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex filipes var. tremula (Ohwi) Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex giraldiana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex jackiana Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex jackiana subsp. jackiana [Subspecies, accepted] Carex jackiana subsp. parciflora (Boott) Kük. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex jackiana var. macroglossa (Franch. & Sav.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex klamathensis B.L.Wilson & Janeway [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex kujuzana Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex laxa Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex livida (Wahlenb.) Willd. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex meadii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex olbiensis Jord. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex panicea L. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex papulosa Boott [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex pilosa Scop. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex polymorpha Muhl. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex tetanica Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex vaginata Tausch [Species, accepted]

Carex vaginata var. petersii (C.A.Mey. ex Schmidt) Akiyama [Variety, accepted] Carex vaginata var. vaginata [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex woodii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex yunlingensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]

Phacocystis Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × abitibiana Lepage [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × arctophila F.Nyl. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × bolina O.Lang [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × cryptochlaena Holm [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex × decolorans Wimm. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × dumanii Lepage [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × elytroides Fr. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × exsalina Lepage [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex × flavicans (F.Nyl.) F.Nyl. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex × grantii A.Benn. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex × haematolepis Drejer [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex × halophila F.Nyl. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex × hibernica A.Benn. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex × josephi-schmittii Raymond [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex × kenaica Lepage [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex × limula Fr. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex × mendica Lepage [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex × neobigelowii Lepage [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex × neofilipendula Lepage [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex × neorigida Lepage [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex × nubens Lepage [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex × oberrodensis B.Walln. [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex × oenensis A.Neumann ex B.Walln. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex × persalina Lepage [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex × prolixa Fr. [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex × reducta Drejer [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex × saxenii Raymond [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex × shinanoana Nakai ex Aliyama [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex × spiculosa Fr. [Species, accepted]
  30. Carex × strictiformis Almq. [Species, accepted]
  31. Carex × subpaleacea J.Cay. [Species, accepted]
  32. Carex × subrecta J.Cay. [Species, accepted]
  33. Carex × timmiana Junge [Species, accepted]
  34. Carex × turfosa Fr. [Species, accepted]
  35. Carex × ungavensis Lepage [Species, accepted]
  36. Carex × vratislaviensis Figert [Species, accepted]
  37. Carex acuta L. [Species, accepted]
  38. Carex aequialta Kük. [Species, accepted]
  39. Carex alligata Boott [Species, accepted]
  40. Carex andersonii Boott [Species, accepted]
  41. Carex angustata Boott [Species, accepted]
  42. Carex aperta Boott [Species, accepted]
  43. Carex aphyllopus Kük. [Species, accepted]
  44. Carex appendiculata (Trautv. & C.A.Mey.) Kük. [Species, accepted]

Carex appendiculata var. appendiculata [Variety, accepted] Carex appendiculata var. sacculiformis Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex aquatilis Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex aquatilis var. aquatilis [Variety, accepted] Carex aquatilis var. dives (Holm) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex aquatilis var. minor Boott [Variety, accepted] Carex aquatilis var. substricta Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex arnottiana Nees ex Drejer [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex azuayae Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex barbarae Dewey [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex baronii Baker [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex bigelowii Torr. ex Schwein. [Species, accepted]

Carex bigelowii subsp. arctisibirica (Jurtzev) Á.Löve & D.Löve [Subspecies, accepted] Carex bigelowii subsp. bigelowii [Subspecies, accepted] Carex bigelowii subsp. dacica (Heuff.) T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted] Carex bigelowii subsp. ensifolia (Turcz. ex Gorodkov) Holub. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex bigelowii subsp. lugens (Holm) T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex borealihinganica Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex buekii Wimm. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex caespititia Nees [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex cespitosa L. [Species, accepted]

Carex cespitosa var. cespitosa [Variety, accepted] Carex cespitosa var. minuta (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex cinerascens Kük. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex cochranei Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex coriacea Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex crinita Lam. [Species, accepted]

Carex crinita var. brevicrinis Fernald [Variety, accepted] Carex crinita var. crinita [Variety, accepted] Carex crinita var. porteri (Olney) Fernald [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex cuchumatanensis Standl. & Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex darwinii Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex darwinii var. darwinii [Variety, accepted] Carex darwinii var. serranoi (Phil.) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex darwinii var. urolepis (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex decidua Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex dimorpholepis Steud. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex elata All. [Species, accepted]

Carex elata subsp. elata [Subspecies, accepted] Carex elata subsp. omskiana (Meinsh.) Jalas [Subspecies, accepted] Carex elata subsp. reuteriana (Boiss.) Luceño & Aedo [Subspecies, accepted] Carex elata subsp. tartessiana Luceño & Aedo [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex eleusinoides Turcz. ex Kunth [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex emoryi Dewey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex endlichii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex enneastachya C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex erawinensis Korotky [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex flabellata H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex forficula Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex forrestii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex fucata Boott ex C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex gaudichaudiana Kunth [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex geminata Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex goligongshanensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex gynandra Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex haydenii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex hermannii Cochrane [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex heterolepis Bunge [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex hypandra F.Muell. [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex impura Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex incisa Boott [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex interrupta Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex inversonervosa Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex jinfoshanensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex kauaiensis R.W.Krauss [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex kiotensis Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex knorringiae Kük. ex Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex kurdica Kük. ex Hand.-Mazz. [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex lancangensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex lenticularis Michx. [Species, accepted]

Carex lenticularis var. dolia (M.E.Jones) L.A.Standl. [Variety, accepted] Carex lenticularis var. impressa (L.H.Bailey) L.A.Standl. [Variety, accepted] Carex lenticularis var. lenticularis [Variety, accepted] Carex lenticularis var. limnophila (Holm) Cronquist [Variety, accepted] Carex lenticularis var. lipocarpa (Holm) L.A.Standl. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex lessoniana Steud. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex lobolepis F.Muell. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex longispiculata Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex longpanlaensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex luctuosa Franch. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex lyngbyei Hornem. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex madagascariensis Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex makuensis P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex maquensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex maximowiczii Miq. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex melinacra Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex melinacra var. changningensis S.Yun Liang [Variety, accepted] Carex melinacra var. melinacra [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex middendorffii F.Schmidt [Species, accepted]

Carex middendorffii var. kirigaminensis (Ohwi) Ohwi [Variety, accepted] Carex middendorffii var. middendorffii [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex minxianica Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex mitchelliana M.A.Curtis [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex muliensis Hand.-Mazz. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex nebraskensis Dewey [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex nigra (L.) Reichard [Species, accepted]

Carex nigra subsp. alpina (Gaudin) Lemke [Subspecies, accepted] Carex nigra subsp. drukyulensis Noltie [Subspecies, accepted] Carex nigra subsp. intricata (Tineo) Rivas Mart. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex nigra subsp. juncella (Fr.) Lemke [Subspecies, accepted] Carex nigra subsp. nigra [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex notha Kunth [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex nudata W.Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex obnupta L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex orbicularis Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex orbicularis subsp. kotschyana (Boiss. & Hohen.) Kukkonen [Subspecies, accepted] Carex orbicularis subsp. orbicularis [Subspecies, accepted] Carex orbicularis var. caucasica Ö.Nilsson [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex otaruensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex otayae Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex paleacea Schreb. ex Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex panormitana Guss. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex papillosissima Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex phacota Spreng. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex platysperma Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Species, accepted]

Carex platysperma var. platysperma [Variety, accepted] Carex platysperma var. sungareensis Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex polyantha F.Muell. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex praelonga C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex prescottiana Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex prolongata Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex pruinosa Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex ramenskii Kom. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex randalpina B.Walln. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex recta Boott [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex rhodesiaca Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex rigidioides (Gorodkov) V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex rubrobrunnea C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Carex rubrobrunnea var. brevibracteata T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex rubrobrunnea var. rubrobrunnea [Variety, accepted] Carex rubrobrunnea var. taliensis (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex rufina Drejer [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex sadoensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex salina Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex salina var. pseudofilipendula Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex salina var. salina [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex schmidtii Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex schottii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex scopulorum Holm [Species, accepted]

Carex scopulorum var. bracteosa (L.H.Bailey) F.J.Herm. [Variety, accepted] Carex scopulorum var. prionophylla (Holm) L.A.Standl. [Variety, accepted] Carex scopulorum var. scopulorum [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex senta Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex shandanica Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex shimidzensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex sinclairii Boott ex Cheeseman [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex soczavaeana Gorodkov [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex stricta Lam. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex subcernua Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex subdola Boott [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex subspathacea Wormsk. ex Hornem. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex tegulata H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex teres Boott [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex ternaria G.Forst. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex thunbergii Steud. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex torta Boott ex Tuck. [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex transcaucasica T.V.Egorova [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex trinervis Degl. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex vacillans Drejer [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex wawuensis W.M.Chu ex S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex zhonghaiensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]

Physocarpae Drejer ex L.H.Bailey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex obscuriceps Kük. [Species, accepted]

Pictae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex baltzellii Chapm. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex picta Steud. [Species, accepted]

Podogynae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex angustisquama Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex doenitzii Boeckeler [Species, accepted]

Carex doenitzii var. doenitzii [Variety, accepted] Carex doenitzii var. okuboi (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex podogyna Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex scitiformis Kük. [Species, accepted]

Polystachyae Tuck. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex aztecica Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex baccans Nees [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex composita Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex cubensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex ekmanii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex hultenii Aspl. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex humboldtiana Steud. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex madrensis L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex myosurus Nees [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex novogaliciana Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex polystachya Sw. ex Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex polystachya var. bartlettii (O'Neill) Standl. & Steyerm. [Variety, accepted] Carex polystachya var. polystachya [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex porrecta Reznicek & Camelb. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex sodiroi Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex standleyana Steyerm. [Species, accepted]

Porocystis Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex angustispica Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex boliviensis Van Heurck & Müll.Arg. [Species, accepted]

Carex boliviensis subsp. boliviensis [Subspecies, accepted] Carex boliviensis subsp. occidentalis Reznicek & S.González [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex bushii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex caroliniana Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex complanata Torr. & Hook. [Species, accepted]

Carex complanata subsp. complanata [Subspecies, accepted] Carex complanata subsp. tropicalis Reznicek & S.González [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex hirsutella Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pallescens L. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex swanii (Fernald) Mack. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex torreyi Tuck. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex tovarensis Reznicek & G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex virescens Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]

Racemosae G.Don [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × candrianii Kneuck. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × quirponensis Fernald [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex aboriginum M.E.Jones [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex adelostoma V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex albonigra Mack. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex apoiensis Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex aristulifera P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex atrata L. [Species, accepted]

Carex atrata subsp. aterrima (Hoppe) Hartm. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex atrata subsp. atrata [Subspecies, accepted] Carex atrata subsp. longistolonifera (Kük.) S.Yun Liang [Subspecies, accepted] Carex atrata subsp. pullata (Boott) Kük. [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex atratiformis Britton [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex atropicta Steud. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex atrosquama Mack. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex augustinowiczii Meinsh. [Species, accepted]

Carex augustinowiczii var. augustinowiczii [Variety, accepted] Carex augustinowiczii var. sharensis (Franch.) Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex banksii Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex banksii var. abbreviata Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex banksii var. banksii [Variety, accepted] Carex banksii var. fonkii (Phil.) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex banksii var. odontolepis (Phil.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex bella L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex chalciolepis Holm [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex curvicollis Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex flavocuspis Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex gmelinii Hook. & Arn. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex hallii Olney [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex hancockiana Maxim. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex hartmanii Cajander [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex helleri Mack. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex heteroneura S.Watson [Species, accepted]

Carex heteroneura var. brevisquama F.J.Herm. [Variety, accepted] Carex heteroneura var. epapillosa (Mack.) F.J.Herm. [Variety, accepted] Carex heteroneura var. heteroneura [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex holostoma Drejer [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex hongyuanensis Y.C.Tang & S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex idahoa L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex infuscata Nees [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex kansuensis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex macrostigmatica Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex malmei Kalela [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex media R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex medwedewii Leskov [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex melanantha C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex melananthiformis Litv. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex melanocephala Turcz. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex mertensii Prescott ex Bong. [Species, accepted]

Carex mertensii var. mertensii [Variety, accepted] Carex mertensii var. urostachys (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex meyeriana Kunth [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex minxianensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex montis-wutaii T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex moorcroftii Falc. ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex nelsonii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex nigerrima Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex norvegica Retz. [Species, accepted]

Carex norvegica subsp. norvegica [Subspecies, accepted] Carex norvegica subsp. pusteriana (Kalela) Á.Löve & D.Löve [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex nova L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex obliquitruncata Y.C.Tang & S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex obscura Nees [Species, accepted]

Carex obscura var. brachycarpa C.B.Clarke [Variety, accepted] Carex obscura var. obscura [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex oligantha Steud. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex parryana Dewey [Species, accepted]

Carex parryana var. brevisquama F.J.Herm. [Variety, accepted] Carex parryana var. parryana [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex parviflora Host [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex peiktusanii Kom. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pelocarpa F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex polymascula P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex popovii V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex praeclara Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex pseudobicolor Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex raynoldsii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex sabulosa Turcz. ex Kunth [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex schneideri Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex serratodens S.Watson [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex serreana Hand.-Mazz. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex specuicola J.T.Howell [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex stevenii (Holm) Kalela [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex stylosa C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex tarumensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex tatjanae Malyschev [Species, accepted]

Radicales (Kük.) Nelmes [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex anningensis F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex caudispicata F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex chlorocephalula F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex delavayi Franch. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex funhuangshanica F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex planiscapa Chun & F.C.How [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex pterocaulos Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex radicalis Boott [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex speciosa Kunth [Species, accepted]

Carex speciosa subsp. dilatata Noltie [Subspecies, accepted] Carex speciosa subsp. latifolia T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex speciosa subsp. pinetorum Noltie [Subspecies, accepted] Carex speciosa subsp. platyrhina (Ohwi) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex speciosa subsp. speciosa [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex tsaiana F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex tsoi Merr. & Chun [Species, accepted]

Rhomboidales Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex austrosinensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex austrozhejiangensis C.Z.Zheng & X.F.Jin [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex blinii H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]

Carex blinii subsp. blinii [Subspecies, accepted] Carex blinii subsp. shanghaiensis (S.X.Qian & Y.Q.Liu) S.Yun Liang & T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex boottiana Hook. & Arn. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex brevicuspis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Carex brevicuspis var. basiflora (C.B.Clarke) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex brevicuspis var. brevicuspis [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex calcicola Tang & F.T.Wang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex chaofangii C.Z.Zheng & X.F.Jin [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex cheniana Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex chinensis Retz. [Species, accepted]

Carex chinensis var. chinensis [Variety, accepted] Carex chinensis var. longkiensis (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex chorda H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex collifera Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex diplodon Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex funingensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex harlandii Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex hastata Kük. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex heudesii H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex hoozanensis Hayata [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex insaniae Koidz. [Species, accepted]

Carex insaniae var. insaniae [Variety, accepted] Carex insaniae var. papillaticulmis (Ohwi) Ohwi [Variety, accepted] Carex insaniae var. subdita (Ohwi) Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex jubozanensis J.Oda & A.Tanaka [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex kagoshimensis Tak.Shimizu [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex kaoi Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex kuchunensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex laticeps C.B.Clarke ex Franch. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex lianchengensis S.Yun Liang & Y.Z.Huang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex liqingii Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex loheri C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex longirostrata C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]

Carex longirostrata var. exaristata X.F.Jin & C.Z.Zheng [Variety, accepted] Carex longirostrata var. hoi K.L.Chu ex S.Y.Liang [Variety, accepted] Carex longirostrata var. longirostrata [Variety, accepted] Carex longirostrata var. pallida (Kitag.) Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex macrandrolepsis H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex manca Boott [Species, accepted]

Carex manca subsp. jiuhuaensis (S.W.Su) S.Y.Liang [Subspecies, accepted] Carex manca subsp. manca [Subspecies, accepted] Carex manca subsp. takasagoana (Akiyama) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex manca subsp. wichurae (Boeckeler) S.Y.Liang [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex manciformis C.B.Clarke ex Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex martini H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex matsumurae Franch. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex nanchuanensis K.L.Chu ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex pseudolaticeps Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex putuoensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex qingdaoensis F.Z.Li & S.J.Fan [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex radiciflora Dunn [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex sakonis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex saxicola Tang & F.T.Wang [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex shangchengensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex simulans C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Carex simulans var. densiflora Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Variety, accepted] Carex simulans var. simulans [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex sublateralis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex taipaishanica K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex tenebrosa Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex thibetica Franch. [Species, accepted]

Carex thibetica var. minor Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex thibetica var. pauciflora Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Yun Liang [Variety, accepted] Carex thibetica var. thibetica [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex toyoshimae Tuyama [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex wahuensis C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]

Carex wahuensis subsp. herbstii T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex wahuensis subsp. rubiginosa (R.W.Krauss) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex wahuensis subsp. wahuensis [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex xiphium Kom. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex yangshuoensis Tang & F.T.Wang ex S.Y.Liang [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex zunyiensis Tang & F.T.Wang [Species, accepted]

Rhynchocystis Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex bequaertii De Wild. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex microcarpa Bertol. ex Moris [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex mossii Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex pendula Huds. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex penduliformis Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex vicinalis Boott [Species, accepted]

Rostrales Meinsh. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex carsei Petrie [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex folliculata L. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex lonchocarpa Willd. ex Spreng. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex michauxiana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]

Carex michauxiana subsp. asiatica Hultén [Subspecies, accepted] Carex michauxiana subsp. michauxiana [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex turgescens Torr. [Species, accepted]

Scabrellae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex scabrella Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex spicigera Nees [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex tricephala Boeckeler [Species, accepted]

Schiedeanae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex muriculata F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex schiedeana Kunze [Species, accepted]

Scirpinae (Tuck.) Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex curatorum Stacey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex scabriuscula Mack. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex scirpoidea Michx. [Species, accepted]

Carex scirpoidea var. convoluta Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex scirpoidea var. pseudoscirpoidea (Rydb.) Cronquist [Variety, accepted] Carex scirpoidea var. scirpoidea [Variety, accepted] Carex scirpoidea var. stenochlaena Holm [Variety, accepted] Scitae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex macrochaeta C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex microchaeta Holm [Species, accepted]

Carex microchaeta subsp. microchaeta [Subspecies, accepted] Carex microchaeta subsp. nesophila (Holm) D.F.Murray [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex paysonis Clokey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex podocarpa R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex scita Maxim. [Species, accepted]

Carex scita var. parvisquama T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex scita var. riishirensis (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex scita var. scabrinervia (Franch.) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex scita var. scita [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex spectabilis Dewey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex tenuiseta Franch. [Species, accepted]

Secalinae (O.Lang) O.Lang [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex eremopyroides V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex hordeistichos Vill. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex secalina Willd. ex Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex secalina var. alpina Kük. & Bornm. [Variety, accepted] Carex secalina var. secalina [Variety, accepted] Shortianae (L.H.Bailey) Mack. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex shortiana Dewey & Torr. [Species, accepted]

Spirostachyae (Drejer) L.H.Bailey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × deserta Merino [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × tornabenei Chiov. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex aethiopica Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex barbata Boott [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex binervis Sm. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex blakei Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex borbonica Lam. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex boryana Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex burchelliana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex camposii Boiss. & Reut. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex clavata Thunb. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex cockayniana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex cremnicola K.A.Ford [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex diluta M.Bieb. [Species, accepted]

Carex diluta subsp. diluta [Subspecies, accepted] Carex diluta subsp. fissirostris (Ball) Maire & Weiller [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex distans L. [Species, accepted]

Carex distans subsp. distans [Subspecies, accepted] Carex distans subsp. oranensis (Trab.) Jahand. & Maire [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex distentiformis F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex ecklonii Nees [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex elgonensis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex elingamita Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex extensa Gooden. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex fischeri K.Schum. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex forsteri Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex fuscula d'Urv. [Species, accepted]

Carex fuscula var. distenta (Kunze ex Kunth) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex fuscula var. fuscula [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex gunniana Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex hectori Petrie [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex helodes Link [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex hieronymi Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex hochstetteriana J.Gay ex Seub. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex humbertii Cherm. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex inopinata V.J.Cook [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex kermadecensis Petrie [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex laevigata Sm. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex lainzii Luceño E.Rico & T.Romero [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex lowei Bech. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex mairei Coss. & Germ. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex mannii E.A.Bruce [Species, accepted]

Carex mannii subsp. friesiorum (Kük.) Luceño & M.Escudero [Subspecies, accepted] Carex mannii subsp. mannii [Subspecies, accepted] Carex mannii subsp. thomasii (Nelmes) Luceño & M.Escudero [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex munroi Boott ex C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex musei Steud. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex ophiolithica Heenan & de Lange [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex paulo-vargasii Luceño & Marín [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex perraudieriana (Kük. ex Bornm.) Gay ex Kük. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex petitiana A.Rich. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex preissii Nees [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex punctata Gaudin [Species, accepted]

Carex punctata var. laevicaulis (Hochst. ex Seub.) Boott [Variety, accepted] Carex punctata var. punctata [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex simensis Hochst. ex A.Rich. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex spinirostris Colenso [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex thouarsii Carmich. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex troodi Turrill [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex vallis-rosetto K.Schum. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex vixdentata (Kük.) G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]

Spirostachyae.Echinochlaenae [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex albula Allan [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex berggrenii Petrie [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex buchananii Berggr. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex calcis K.A.Ford [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex chathamica Petrie [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex cirrhosa Berggr. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex comans Berggr. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex dallii Kirk [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex decurtata Cheeseman [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex devia Cheeseman [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex dipsacea Berggr. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex dissita Sol. ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex dolomitica Heenan & de Lange [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex druceana Hamlin [Species, accepted]

Carex druceana var. astonii (Hamlin) Edgar [Variety, accepted] Carex druceana var. druceana [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex edgariae Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex fernandezensis Mack. ex G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex filamentosa Petrie [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex flagellifera Colenso [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex fretalis Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex goyenii Petrie [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex impexa K.A.Ford [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex lambertiana Boott [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex lamprocarpa Phil. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex libera (Kük.) Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex litorosa L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex longiculmis Petrie [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex neesiana Endl. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex ochrosaccus (C.B.Clarke) Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex petriei Cheeseman [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex pleiostachys C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex poeppigii C.B.Clarke ex G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex raoulii Boott [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex rubicunda Petrie [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex solandri Boott [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex tasmanica Kük. [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex testacea Sol. ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex traversii Kirk [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex uncifolia Cheeseman [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex ventosa C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex wakatipu Petrie [Species, accepted]

Squarrosae J.Carey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex aureolensis Steud. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex frankii Kunth [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex squarrosa L. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex typhina Michx. [Species, accepted]

Surculosae Raymond [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex tsiangii F.T.Wang & Tang [Species, accepted]

Sylvaticae Rouy [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex cretica Gradst. & J.Kern [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex hypaneura V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex strigosa Huds. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex sylvatica Huds. [Species, accepted]

Carex sylvatica subsp. latifrons (V.I.Krecz.) Ö.Nilsson [Subspecies, accepted] Carex sylvatica subsp. paui (Sennen) A.Bolòs & O.Bolòs [Subspecies, accepted] Carex sylvatica subsp. sylvatica [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex vulcani Hochst. ex Seub. [Species, accepted]

Thuringiaca G.Don [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex brasiliensis A.St.-Hil. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex flacca Schreb. [Species, accepted]

Carex flacca subsp. erythrostachys (Hoppe) Holub [Subspecies, accepted] Carex flacca subsp. flacca [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex hispida Willd. ex Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pringlei L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex spissa L.H.Bailey ex Hemsl. [Species, accepted]

Carex spissa var. seatoniana (L.H.Bailey) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex spissa var. spissa [Variety, accepted] Triquetrae (L.H.Bailey) Mack. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex triquetra Boott [Species, accepted]

Tumidae Meinsh. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex anisoneura V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]

Tuminensis Y.L.Chang [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex tuminensis Kom. [Species, accepted]

Unplaced_coreCarex [, accepted]

  1. Carex × akitaensis Fujiw. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × akiyamana Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × albertii H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × allolepis Rchb. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex × alluvialis Figert [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × aniaiensis Fujiw. & Y.Matsuda [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × arakanei T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × aschersonii H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex × auroniensis L.C.Lamb. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex × bakkeriana D.T.E.Ploeg & Rudolphy [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex × beckmanniana Figert [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex × bengyana H.Lév. & L.C.Lamb. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex × binderi Podp. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex × cariei Aubin [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex × cenantha A.E.Kozhevn. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex × cetica Rech. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex × corstorphinei Druce [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex × costei Rouy [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex × crepinii Torges [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex × crinitoides Lepage [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex × csomadensis Simonk. [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex × danielis H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex × deamii F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex × deinbolliana J.Gay [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex × descendens Kük. [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex × ducellieri Beauverd [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex × duereriana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex × dufftii Hausskn. [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex × elanescens Cif. & Giacom. [Species, accepted]
  30. Carex × favratii Christ [Species, accepted]
  31. Carex × felixii L.C.Lamb. [Species, accepted]
  32. Carex × ferdinandi-sauteri Asch. & Graebn. [Species, accepted]
  33. Carex × filkukae Podp. [Species, accepted]
  34. Carex × fragosoana Pau [Species, accepted]
  35. Carex × fussii Simonk. [Species, accepted]
  36. Carex × gerhardtii Figert [Species, accepted]
  37. Carex × ginsiensis Waisb. [Species, accepted]
  38. Carex × grossii Fiek [Species, accepted]
  39. Carex × hageri E.Baumann [Species, accepted]
  40. Carex × hanseniana Junge [Species, accepted]
  41. Carex × ilseana Ruhmer [Species, accepted]
  42. Carex × imandrensis Kihlm. ex Hjelt [Species, accepted]
  43. Carex × jaegeri F.W.Schultz [Species, accepted]
  44. Carex × kattaeana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  45. Carex × ketonensis Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  46. Carex × kohtsii K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  47. Carex × krajinae Domin [Species, accepted]
  48. Carex × kuekenthalii Dörfl. ex Zahn [Species, accepted]
  49. Carex × kurilensis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  50. Carex × lackowitziana Aug.R.Paul [Species, accepted]
  51. Carex × laggeri Wimm. [Species, accepted]
  52. Carex × lausii Podp. [Species, accepted]
  53. Carex × ligniciensis Figert [Species, accepted]
  54. Carex × limnogena Appel [Species, accepted]
  55. Carex × limosoides J.Cay. [Species, accepted]
  56. Carex × loretii Rouy [Species, accepted]
  57. Carex × luteola (Rchb.) Sendtn. [Species, accepted]
  58. Carex × massonii Cay. & Lepage [Species, accepted]
  59. Carex × microstyla J.Gay ex Gaudin [Species, accepted]
  60. Carex × moriyoshiensis Fujiw. & Y.Matsuda [Species, accepted]
  61. Carex × muelleriana F.W.Schultz [Species, accepted]
  62. Carex × musashiensis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  63. Carex × neomiliaris Lepage [Species, accepted]
  64. Carex × nicoloffii Pamp. [Species, accepted]
  65. Carex × ohmuelleriana O.Lang [Species, accepted]
  66. Carex × oneillii Lepage [Species, accepted]
  67. Carex × paczoskii Zapal. [Species, accepted]
  68. Carex × paponii Muret ex T.Durand & Pittier [Species, accepted]
  69. Carex × patuensis Lepage [Species, accepted]
  70. Carex × paulii Asch. & Graebn. [Species, accepted]
  71. Carex × pilosiuscula Gobi [Species, accepted]
  72. Carex × ploettneriana Beyer [Species, accepted]
  73. Carex × prahliana Junge [Species, accepted]
  74. Carex × pseudomairei E.G.Camus [Species, accepted]
  75. Carex × putjatini Kom. [Species, accepted]
  76. Carex × quebecensis Lepage [Species, accepted]
  77. Carex × rieseana Figert [Species, accepted]
  78. Carex × rikuchiuensis Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  79. Carex × rossiana Degen [Species, accepted]
  80. Carex × sakaguchii Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  81. Carex × salisiana Brügger [Species, accepted]
  82. Carex × sanionis K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  83. Carex × sardloqensis Å.E.Dahl [Species, accepted]
  84. Carex × schallertii Murr [Species, accepted]
  85. Carex × sendtneriana Brügger [Species, accepted]
  86. Carex × serravalensis Beauverd [Species, accepted]
  87. Carex × shakushizawaensis Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  88. Carex × soerensenii Lepage [Species, accepted]
  89. Carex × squamigera V.I.Krecz. & Luchnik [Species, accepted]
  90. Carex × strigosula Chatenier [Species, accepted]
  91. Carex × sumikawaensis Fujiw. & Y.Matsuda [Species, accepted]
  92. Carex × suziella Podp. [Species, accepted]
  93. Carex × takoensis Y.Endo & Yashiro [Species, accepted]
  94. Carex × torgesiana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  95. Carex × treverica Hausskn. [Species, accepted]
  96. Carex × turuli Simonk. [Species, accepted]
  97. Carex × uechtritziana K.Richt. [Species, accepted]
  98. Carex × uzenensis Koidz. [Species, accepted]
  99. Carex × viadrina Figert [Species, accepted]
  100. Carex × villacensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  101. Carex × vimariensis Hausskn. ex Berthold [Species, accepted]
  102. Carex × walasii Ceyn.-Gield [Species, accepted]
  103. Carex × winkelmannii Asch. & Graebn. [Species, accepted]
  104. Carex × wolteri Gross [Species, accepted]
  105. Carex alajica Litv. [Species, accepted]
  106. Carex aphanolepis Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  107. Carex apiahyensis Palla [Species, accepted]
  108. Carex aquilonalis Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  109. Carex asraoi D.M.Verma [Species, accepted]
  110. Carex atrivaginata Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  111. Carex augustini Tuyama [Species, accepted]
  112. Carex austrokoreensis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  113. Carex balansae Franch. [Species, accepted]
  114. Carex bambusetorum Merr. [Species, accepted]
  115. Carex bavicola Raymond [Species, accepted]
  116. Carex beckii G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  117. Carex bermudiana Hemsl. [Species, accepted]
  118. Carex berteroana Steud. [Species, accepted]
  119. Carex bijiangensis S.Yun Liang & S.R.Zhang [Species, accepted]
  120. Carex boelckeiana Barros [Species, accepted]
  121. Carex brachyanthera Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  122. Carex bradei Gross [Species, accepted]
  123. Carex callista Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  124. Carex cambodiensis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  125. Carex canina Dunn [Species, accepted]
  126. Carex cardiolepis Nees [Species, accepted]
  127. Carex cavaleriensis H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  128. Carex celebica Kük. [Species, accepted]
  129. Carex ceylanica Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  130. Carex chaffanjonii E.G.Camus [Species, accepted]
  131. Carex chikungana L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  132. Carex chillanensis Phil. [Species, accepted]
  133. Carex chinoi ex T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  134. Carex chiovendae Pamp. [Species, accepted]
  135. Carex chosenica Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  136. Carex chuana F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  137. Carex chuii Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  138. Carex cirrhulosa Nees [Species, accepted]
  139. Carex cochinchinensis Raymond [Species, accepted]
  140. Carex collimitanea V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  141. Carex conoides Kük. [Species, accepted]
  142. Carex contracta F.Muell. [Species, accepted]
  143. Carex cordouei H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  144. Carex coriogyne Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  145. Carex coxiana Petrie [Species, accepted]
  146. Carex crassibasis H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  147. Carex crassiflora Kük. [Species, accepted]
  148. Carex culmenicola Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  149. Carex curviculmis Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  150. Carex cuspidosa Dunn [Species, accepted]
  151. Carex cylindrostachys Franch. [Species, accepted]
  152. Carex dabieensis S.W.Su [Species, accepted]
  153. Carex daltonii Boott [Species, accepted]
  154. Carex debeauxii H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  155. Carex decaulescens V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]

Carex decaulescens subsp. alsia (Raymond) Kukkonen [Subspecies, accepted] Carex decaulescens subsp. brunneola Kukkonen [Subspecies, accepted] Carex decaulescens subsp. decaulescens [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex desponsa Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex dianae Steud. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex diminuta Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex dissitispicula Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex distracta C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex dolichogyne T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex dunniana H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex durieui Steud. ex Kunze [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex dusenii Kük. ex Dusén [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex echinus Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex ecostata C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex eluta Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex eremitica Paine [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex eremostachya S.T.Blake [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex esquirolii H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex evadens S.González & Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex excelsa Poepp. ex Kunth [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex faberiana Loes. [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex feanii F.Br. [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex feddeana H.Pfeiff. [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex fenghuangshanica F.T.Wang & Tang ex P.C.Li [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex firmicaulis Kalela [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex fokienensis Dunn [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex fossa G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex fragilis Boott [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex fructus Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex fusanensis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex fuscolutea Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex gandakiensis Katsuy. [Species, accepted]
  30. Carex gemella Hochst. ex Steud. [Species, accepted]
  31. Carex gibbsiae Rendle [Species, accepted]
  32. Carex gibertii G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  33. Carex giraudiasii H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  34. Carex glauciformis Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  35. Carex globulosa Phulphong & D.A.Simpson [Species, accepted]
  36. Carex gracilenta Boott ex Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  37. Carex graciliflora Dunn [Species, accepted]
  38. Carex graeffeana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  39. Carex granifera Dunn [Species, accepted]
  40. Carex griersonii Noltie [Species, accepted]
  41. Carex gynaecandra H.Pfeiff. [Species, accepted]
  42. Carex haematorrhyncha & T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  43. Carex hanamninhensis K.K.Nguyen [Species, accepted]
  44. Carex hanensis Dunn [Species, accepted]
  45. Carex hangtongensis H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  46. Carex hassiana Loes. [Species, accepted]
  47. Carex hatuyenensis K.K.Nguyen [Species, accepted]
  48. Carex hebetata Boott [Species, accepted]
  49. Carex helferi Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  50. Carex herteri G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  51. Carex hexinensis S.Yun Liang & Y.Z.Huang [Species, accepted]
  52. Carex himalaica T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  53. Carex hinnulea C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  54. Carex hoatiensis H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  55. Carex hongnoensis H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  56. Carex hookeri Kunth [Species, accepted]
  57. Carex hopeiensis F.T.Wang & Tang [Species, accepted]
  58. Carex hotaizanensis Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  59. Carex humahuacaensis G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  60. Carex humbertiana Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  61. Carex husnotiana H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  62. Carex hwangii Matsuda [Species, accepted]
  63. Carex hymenolepis Nees [Species, accepted]
  64. Carex hypsobates Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  65. Carex inamii Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  66. Carex inclinis Boott ex C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  67. Carex indistincta H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  68. Carex indosinica Raymond [Species, accepted]
  69. Carex ischnogyne Gilli [Species, accepted]
  70. Carex jankowskii Gorodkov [Species, accepted]
  71. Carex jeanpertii E.G.Camus [Species, accepted]
  72. Carex juvenilis C.B.Clarke ex E.G.Camus [Species, accepted]
  73. Carex kashmirensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  74. Carex khoii T.V.Egorova & Aver. [Species, accepted]
  75. Carex krascheninnikovii Kom. ex V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  76. Carex kulingana L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  77. Carex kumaonensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  78. Carex kurtziana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  79. Carex lageniformis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  80. Carex lamprochlamys S.T.Blake [Species, accepted]
  81. Carex lankana T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  82. Carex laosensis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  83. Carex lapazensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  84. Carex larensis Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  85. Carex lateralis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  86. Carex lebrunii H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  87. Carex lehmannii Drejer [Species, accepted]
  88. Carex lindleyana Nees [Species, accepted]
  89. Carex longhiensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  90. Carex longicruris Nees [Species, accepted]
  91. Carex longicuspis Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  92. Carex longiligula Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  93. Carex longqishanensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  94. Carex lyi H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  95. Carex manginii E.G.Camus [Species, accepted]
  96. Carex mediterranea C.B.Clarke ex Post [Species, accepted]
  97. Carex meeboldiana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  98. Carex meiocarpa H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  99. Carex millsii Dunn [Species, accepted]
  100. Carex monodynama (Griseb.) G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  101. Carex montanoaltaica Zolot. [Species, accepted]
  102. Carex montis-eeka Hillebr. [Species, accepted]
  103. Carex nairii Ghildyal & U.C.Bhattach. [Species, accepted]
  104. Carex nakasimae Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  105. Carex nandadeviensis Ghildyal U.C.Bhattach. & Hajra [Species, accepted]
  106. Carex nangtciangensis Pamp. [Species, accepted]
  107. Carex neokukenthaliana H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  108. Carex nivalis Boott [Species, accepted]
  109. Carex nodaeana A.I.Baranov & Skvortsov [Species, accepted]
  110. Carex nodiflora Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  111. Carex oligocarya C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  112. Carex oligostachya Nees [Species, accepted]
  113. Carex olivieri H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  114. Carex ophiopogon H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  115. Carex pandanophylla C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  116. Carex parvigluma C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  117. Carex paucimascula H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  118. Carex perprava C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  119. Carex peruviana J.Presl & C.Presl [Species, accepted]
  120. Carex peruvida G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  121. Carex petelotii Gross [Species, accepted]
  122. Carex phaeothrix Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  123. Carex phalaroides Kunth [Species, accepted]

Carex phalaroides var. elongata Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex phalaroides var. macella (Kunth) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex phalaroides var. paraguayensis (Maury ex Micheli) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex phalaroides var. phalaroides [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex phankei K.K.Nguyen [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex phoenicis Dunn [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex phyllocaula Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex pleiandra Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex pleioneura G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex pleurocaula Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex poilanei Raymond [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex provotii Franch. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex pseudoaperta Boeckeler ex Kük. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex pseudohypochlora Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex pseudosadoensis Akiyama [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex pseudospachiana H.Lév. & Vaniot [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex psilocarpa Steud. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex pulchra Boott [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex pulchrifolia A.E.Kozhevn. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex purpleovaginalis Q.S.Wang [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex ramentaceofructus K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex ramosii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex raphidocarpa Nees [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex ratongensis (C.B.Clarke) C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex repanda C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex rhombifructus Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex rhynchophora Franch. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex rivulorum Dunn [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex rostellifera Y.L.Chang & Y.L.Yang [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex rufulistolon T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex rupicola (Pedersen) G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex ruthsatziae G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex sacerdotis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  30. Carex sahnii Ghildyal & U.C.Bhattach. [Species, accepted]
  31. Carex saltaensis Gross [Species, accepted]
  32. Carex sampsonii Hance [Species, accepted]
  33. Carex sanctae-marthae L.E.Mora & J.O.Rangel [Species, accepted]
  34. Carex savaiiensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  35. Carex schwackeana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  36. Carex scitula Boott [Species, accepted]
  37. Carex seposita C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  38. Carex setispica C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  39. Carex shanensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  40. Carex shiriyajirensis Akiyama ex Tatew. [Species, accepted]
  41. Carex silvestrii Pamp. [Species, accepted]
  42. Carex sinomairei H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  43. Carex skottsbergiana Kük. [Species, accepted]
  44. Carex sohachii Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  45. Carex sozusensis Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  46. Carex spongiosa Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  47. Carex stiphrogyne Gilli [Species, accepted]
  48. Carex stokesii F.Br. [Species, accepted]
  49. Carex stracheyi Boott ex C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  50. Carex streptorrhampha Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  51. Carex stuessyi G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  52. Carex subandrogyna G.A.Wheeler & Guagl. [Species, accepted]
  53. Carex subinclinata T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  54. Carex submollicula Tang & F.T.Wang ex L.K.Dai [Species, accepted]
  55. Carex subscabrella Kük. [Species, accepted]
  56. Carex suifunensis Kom. [Species, accepted]
  57. Carex tachirensis Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  58. Carex tahitensis F.Br. [Species, accepted]
  59. Carex tamana Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  60. Carex tapintzensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  61. Carex taprobanensis T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  62. Carex tavoyensis Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  63. Carex thanikaimoniana Govind. [Species, accepted]
  64. Carex trachycystis Griseb. [Species, accepted]
  65. Carex trichophylla Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  66. Carex trifida Cav. [Species, accepted]
  67. Carex trigonosperma Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  68. Carex trongii K.K.Nguyen [Species, accepted]
  69. Carex tubulosa Pamp. [Species, accepted]
  70. Carex tweedieana Nees [Species, accepted]
  71. Carex umbrosiformis H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  72. Carex vesiculosa Boott [Species, accepted]
  73. Carex vietnamica Raymond [Species, accepted]
  74. Carex wallichiana Spreng. [Species, accepted]
  75. Carex werdermannii L.Gross [Species, accepted]
  76. Carex wightiana Nees [Species, accepted]
  77. Carex winterbottomii C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  78. Carex wushanensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  79. Carex wutuensis K.T.Fu [Species, accepted]
  80. Carex yonganensis L.K.Dai & Y.Z.Huang [Species, accepted]
  81. Carex yushuensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]

Vesicariae (Heuff.) J.Carey [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × anticostensis (Fernald) Lepage [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × bogstadensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × friesii Blytt [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × hartii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex × involuta (Bab.) Syme [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × justi-schmidtii Junge [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × kuekenthaliana Appel & A.Brückn. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × macounii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex × olneyi Boott [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex × paludivagans W.H.Drury [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex × physocarpoides Lepage [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex × stenolepis Less. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex acutata Boott [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex antoniensis A.Chev. [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex baileyi Britton [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex bullata Willd. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex capricornis Meinsh. ex Maxim. [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex comosa Boott [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex congolensis Turrill [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex dickinsii Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex drakensbergensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex durangensis Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex elliottii Schwein. & Torr. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex exsiccata L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex hystericina Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex insularis Carmich. [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex jacutica V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex lurida Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex luridiformis Mack. ex Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  30. Carex maorica Hamlin [Species, accepted]
  31. Carex mcvaughii Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  32. Carex membranacea Hook. [Species, accepted]
  33. Carex mollissima Christ ex Scheutz [Species, accepted]
  34. Carex niederleiniana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  35. Carex oligosperma Michx. [Species, accepted]
  36. Carex pamirensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Carex pamirensis subsp. angustispicata (Y.C.Yang) G.C.Tucker [Subspecies, accepted] Carex pamirensis subsp. dichroa Malyschev [Subspecies, accepted] Carex pamirensis subsp. pamirensis [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex phragmitoides Kük. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex polysticha Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pseudocyperus L. [Species, accepted]

Carex pseudocyperus var. fascicularis (Sol. ex Hook.f.) Boott [Variety, accepted] Carex pseudocyperus var. haenkeana (C.Presl) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex pseudocyperus var. pseudocyperus [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex purpureovaginata Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex retrorsa Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex rostrata Stokes [Species, accepted]

Carex rostrata var. ambigens Fernald [Variety, accepted] Carex rostrata var. rostrata [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex rotundata Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex rzedowskii Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex saxatilis L. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex schweinitzii Dewey ex Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex setigluma Reznicek & S.González [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex sphaerogyna Baker [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex tessellata Spruce ex C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex thurberi Dewey ex Torr. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex tuckermanii Boott [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex tucumanensis G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex utriculata Boott [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex vesicaria L. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex vesicata Meinsh. [Species, accepted]

Vigneastra (Tuck.) Kük. [, accepted]

  1. Carex amicta Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex condensata Nees [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex neoguinensis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex ramosa Willd. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex sarawaketensis Kük. [Species, accepted]

Siderostictae Franchet ex Ohwi [, accepted]

  1. Carex esquiroliana H.Lév. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex glossostigma Hand.-Mazz. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex grandiligulata Kük. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex longshengensis Y.C.Tang & S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex oblanceolata T.Koyama [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex okamotoi Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex pachygyna Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex siderosticta Hance [Species, accepted]

Carex siderosticta var. pilosa H.Lév. ex T.Koyama [Variety, accepted] Carex siderosticta var. siderosticta [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex subcapitata X.F.Jin C.Z.Zheng & B.Y.Ding [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex tumidula Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex wuyishanensis S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]

Vignea (P.Beauv. ex T.Lestib.) Peterm. [, accepted] Ammoglochin Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex accrescens Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex arenaria L. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex balfourii Kük. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex brizoides L. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex colchica J.Gay [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex disticha Huds. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex iljinii V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex kaloides Petrie [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex kirkii Petrie [Species, accepted]

Carex kirkii var. elatior Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex kirkii var. kirkii [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex muelleri Petrie [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex praecox Schreb. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pseudobrizoides Clavaud [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex reichei Kük. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex repens Bellardi [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex siccata Dewey [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex yamatsutana Ohwi [Species, accepted]

Baldenses Tuck. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex baldensis L. [Species, accepted]

Bracteosae Pax [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex bonariensis Desf. ex Poir. [Species, accepted]

Carex bonariensis var. bonariensis [Variety, accepted] Carex bonariensis var. glabrescens Kurtz ex Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex bracteosa Kunze [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex brongniartii Kunth [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex ownbeyi G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex pterocarpa Petrie [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex sororia Kunth [Species, accepted]

Carex sororia var. pseudobracteosa (Kük.) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex sororia var. sororia [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex trachycarpa Cheeseman [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex uruguensis Boeckeler [Species, accepted]

Carex uruguensis var. angustata (Kük.) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex uruguensis var. pseudoechinata (Boeckeler) Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex uruguensis var. uruguensis [Variety, accepted] Chordorrhizae (Heuff.) Meinsh. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex chordorrhiza L.f. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex pseudocuraica F.Schmidt [Species, accepted]

Deweyanae (Tuck. ex Mack.) Mack. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex bolanderi Olney [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex bromoides Willd. [Species, accepted]

Carex bromoides subsp. bromoides [Subspecies, accepted] Carex bromoides subsp. montana Naczi [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex deweyana Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex infirminervia Naczi [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex laeviculmis Meinsh. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex leptopoda Mack. [Species, accepted]

Dispermae Ohwi [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex disperma Dewey [Species, accepted]

Divisae H.Christ ex Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex arenicola F.Schmidt [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex consanguinea Kunth [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex divisa Huds. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex douglasii Boott [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex duriuscula C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]

Carex duriuscula subsp. duriuscula [Subspecies, accepted] Carex duriuscula subsp. rigescens (Franch.) S.Yun Liang & Y.C.Tang [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex gayana Desv. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex klaphakei K.L.Wilson [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex macrorrhiza Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex pansa L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex praegracilis W.Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex simulata Mack. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex stenophylla Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex stenophylla subsp. stenophylla [Subspecies, accepted] Carex stenophylla subsp. stenophylloides (V.I.Krecz.) T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex subfuegiana G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]

Echinochloomorphae Y.L.Chang ex S.YunLiang [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex echinochloiformis Y.L.Chang ex Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]

Foetidae (Tuck. ex L.H.Bailey) Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex andicola G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex ecuadorica Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex enervis C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex foetida All. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex incurviformis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex maritima Gunnerus [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex melanorrhyncha Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex nebularum Phil. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex perglobosa Mack. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex pseudofoetida Kük. [Species, accepted]

Carex pseudofoetida subsp. acrifolia (V.I.Krecz.) Kukkonen [Subspecies, accepted] Carex pseudofoetida subsp. afghanica Kukkonen [Subspecies, accepted] Carex pseudofoetida subsp. pseudofoetida [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex pycnostachys Kar. & Kir. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex reptabunda (Trautv.) V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex sagaensis Y.C.Yang [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex sajanensis V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex vernacula L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]

Gibbae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex gibba Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Glareosae G.Don [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × abortiva Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × arthuriana C.L.Beckm. & Figert [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × clausa Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × fridtzii Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex × helvola Blytt [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × heterophyta Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × kyyhkynenii Hiitonen [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × macilenta F.Nyl. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex × mithala Callier [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex × mucronulata Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex × pseudohelvola Kihlm. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex × subpatula Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex × trichina Fernald [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex × zahnii Kneuck. [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex arcta Boott [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex arctiformis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex bonanzensis Britton [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex brunnescens (Pers.) Poir. [Species, accepted]

Carex brunnescens subsp. brunnescens [Subspecies, accepted] Carex brunnescens subsp. sphaerostachya (Tuck.) Kalela [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex canescens L. [Species, accepted]

Carex canescens subsp. canescens [Subspecies, accepted] Carex canescens subsp. disjuncta (Fernald) Toivonen [Subspecies, accepted] Carex canescens var. robustior Blytt ex Andersson [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex diastena V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex elongata L. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex furva Webb [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex glareosa Schkuhr ex Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex glareosa subsp. glareosa [Subspecies, accepted] Carex glareosa subsp. pribylovensis (Macoun) G.Halliday & Chater [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex heleonastes Ehrh. ex L.f. [Species, accepted]

Carex heleonastes subsp. heleonastes [Subspecies, accepted] Carex heleonastes subsp. neurochlaena (Holm) Böcher [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex illota L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex kreczetoviczii T.V.Egorova [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex lachenalii Schkuhr [Species, accepted]

Carex lachenalii subsp. lachenalii [Subspecies, accepted] Carex lachenalii subsp. parkeri (Petrie) Toivonen [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex lapponica O.Lang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex loliacea L. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex mackenziei V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex marina Dewey [Species, accepted]

Carex marina subsp. marina [Subspecies, accepted] Carex marina subsp. pseudolagopina (T.J.Sørensen) Böcher [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex nemurensis Franch. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex praeceptorium Mack. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex pseudololiacea F.Schmidt [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex tenuiflora Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex traiziscana F.Schmidt [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex trisperma Dewey [Species, accepted]

Carex trisperma var. billingsii O.W.Knight [Variety, accepted] Carex trisperma var. trisperma [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex ursina Dewey [Species, accepted]

Grallatoriae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex grallatoria Maxim. [Species, accepted]

Carex grallatoria var. grallatoria [Variety, accepted] Carex grallatoria var. heteroclita (Franch.) Kük. ex Matsum. [Variety, accepted] Heleoglochin Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × beckmannii Keck [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex appressa R.Br. [Species, accepted]

Carex appressa var. appressa [Variety, accepted] Carex appressa var. virgata (Sol. ex Boott) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex appropinquata Schumach. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex canariensis Kük. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex chlorantha R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex cusickii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex decomposita Muhl. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex diandra Schrank [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex incomitata K.R.Thiele [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex paniculata L. [Species, accepted]

Carex paniculata subsp. calderae (A.Hansen) Lewej. & Lobin [Subspecies, accepted] Carex paniculata subsp. hansenii Lewej. & Lobin [Subspecies, accepted] Carex paniculata subsp. lusitanica (Willd.) Maire [Subspecies, accepted] Carex paniculata subsp. paniculata [Subspecies, accepted] Carex paniculata subsp. szovitsii (V.I.Krecz.) Ö.Nilsson [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex prairea Dewey ex Alph.Wood [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex secta Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex sectoides (Kük.) Edgar [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex tenuiculmis (Petrie) Heenan & de Lange [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex tereticaulis F.Muell. [Species, accepted]

Holarrhenae (Döll) Pax [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex curaica Kunth [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex dailingensis Y.L.Chou [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex jiaodongensis Y.M.Zhang & X.D.Chen [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex laricetorum Y.L.Chou [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex lithophila Turcz. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex maorshanica Y.L.Chou [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex paracuraica F.T.Wang & Y.L.Chang ex S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex sartwellii Dewey [Species, accepted]

Carex sartwellii var. sartwellii [Variety, accepted] Carex sartwellii var. stenorrhyncha F.J.Herm. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex unisexualis C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]

Incurvae (Kük.) Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex ochrochlamys Ohwi [Species, accepted]

Inversae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex archeri Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex colensoi Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex hebes Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex inversa R.Br. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex lophocarpa C.B.Clarke [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex paupera Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex raleighii Nelmes [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex resectans Cheeseman [Species, accepted]

Macrocephalae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex kobomugi Ohwi [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex macrocephala Willd. ex Spreng. [Species, accepted]

Multiflorae (J.Carey) Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex alma L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex annectens (E.P.Bicknell) E.P.Bicknell [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex chihuahuensis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex densa (L.H.Bailey) L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex fissa Mack. [Species, accepted]

Carex fissa var. aristata F.J.Herm. [Variety, accepted] Carex fissa var. fissa [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex marianensis Stacey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex percostata F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex triangularis Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex vulpinoidea Michx. [Species, accepted]

Ovales Kunth [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex × interjecta Waisb. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex abrupta Mack. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex adusta Boott [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex alata Torr. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex albolutescens Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex amplectens Mack. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex arapahoensis Clokey [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex argyrantha Tuck. ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex athrostachya Olney [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex bebbii (L.H.Bailey) Olney ex Fernald [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex bicknellii Britton & A.Br. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex bohemica Schreb. [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex bonplandii Kunth [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex brevior (Dewey) Mack. ex Lunell [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex constanceana Stacey [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex crawfordii Fernald [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex cristatella Britton & A.Br. [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex cumulata (L.H.Bailey) Mack. [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex davyi Mack. [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex ebenea Rydb. [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex echinodes (Fernald) P.Rothr. Reznicek & Hipp [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex egglestonii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex festivelloides Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex festucacea Schkuhr ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex feta L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex foenea Willd. [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex fracta Mack. [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex gracilior Mack. [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex harfordii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  30. Carex haydeniana Olney [Species, accepted]
  31. Carex hormathodes Fernald [Species, accepted]
  32. Carex hyalina Boott [Species, accepted]
  33. Carex integra Mack. [Species, accepted]
  34. Carex lagunensis M.E.Jones [Species, accepted]
  35. Carex leporina L. [Species, accepted]
  36. Carex leporinella Mack. [Species, accepted]
  37. Carex longii Mack. [Species, accepted]

Carex longii subsp. longii [Subspecies, accepted] Carex longii subsp. meridionalis (Kük.) Luceño & Alves [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex maackii Maxim. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex macloviana d'Urv. [Species, accepted]

Carex macloviana subsp. macloviana [Subspecies, accepted] Carex macloviana subsp. pachystachya (Cham. ex Steud.) Hultén [Subspecies, accepted] Carex macloviana subsp. subfusca (W.Boott) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex macloviana var. pseudoleporina Kük. [Variety, accepted] Carex macloviana var. thermarum (Phil.) Kük. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex mandoniana Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex marahuacana Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex mariposana L.H.Bailey ex Mack. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex merritt-fernaldii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex michoacana Reznicek Hipp & S.González [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex microptera Mack. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex missouriensis P.Rothr. & Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex molesta Mack. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex molestiformis Reznicek & Rothrock [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex multicostata Mack. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex muskingumensis Schwein. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex neblinensis Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex normalis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex opaca (F.J.Herm.) P.Rothr. & Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex orizabae Liebm. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex oronensis Fernald [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex ozarkana P.Rothr. & Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex petasata Dewey [Species, accepted]
  19. Carex peucophila Holm [Species, accepted]
  20. Carex phaeocephala Piper [Species, accepted]
  21. Carex praticola Rydb. [Species, accepted]
  22. Carex preslii Steud. [Species, accepted]
  23. Carex projecta Mack. [Species, accepted]
  24. Carex proposita Mack. [Species, accepted]
  25. Carex pseudomacloviana G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  26. Carex purdiei Boott [Species, accepted]
  27. Carex reniformis (L.H.Bailey) Small [Species, accepted]
  28. Carex roraimensis Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  29. Carex scoparia Willd. [Species, accepted]

Carex scoparia var. scoparia [Variety, accepted] Carex scoparia var. tessellata Fernald & Wiegand [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex shinnersii P.Rothr. & Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex silicea Olney [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex specifica L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex stenoptila F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex straminea Willd. ex Schkuhr [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex straminiformis L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex subbracteata Mack. [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex suberecta (Olney) Britton [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex sychnocephala J.Carey [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex tahoensis Smiley [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex tenera Dewey [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex tetrastachya Scheele [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex tincta (Fernald) Fernald [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex tolucensis (F.J.Herm.) Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex toreadora Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex tribuloides Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Carex tribuloides var. sangamonensis Clokey [Variety, accepted] Carex tribuloides var. tribuloides [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex unilateralis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex vexans F.J.Herm. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex wootonii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex xerantica L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]

Phaestoglochin Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex aggregata Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex appalachica J.M.Webber & P.W.Ball [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex arkansana (L.H.Bailey) L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex austrina Mack. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex cephaloidea (Dewey) Dewey ex Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex cephalophora Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex cyprica Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex divulsa Stokes [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex egorovae Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex enokii Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex gravida L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex hoodii Boott [Species, accepted]
  13. Carex hookeriana Dewey [Species, accepted]
  14. Carex leavenworthii Dewey [Species, accepted]
  15. Carex leersii F.W.Schultz [Species, accepted]
  16. Carex magacis Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Species, accepted]
  17. Carex mesochorea Mack. [Species, accepted]
  18. Carex muehlenbergii Willd. [Species, accepted]

Carex muehlenbergii var. enervis Boott [Variety, accepted] Carex muehlenbergii var. muehlenbergii [Variety, accepted] Carex muehlenbergii var. xalapensis (Kunth) Britton [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex muricata L. [Species, accepted]

Carex muricata subsp. ashokae Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Subspecies, accepted] Carex muricata subsp. cesanensis Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Subspecies, accepted] Carex muricata subsp. muricata [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex nordica Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex occidentalis L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex omeyica Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex otomana Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex pairae F.W.Schultz [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex perdentata S.D.Jones [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex radiata (Wahlenb.) Small [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex retroflexa Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex rosea Willd. [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex socialis Mohlenbr. & Schwegman [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex sparganioides Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex spicata Huds. [Species, accepted]

Carex spicata subsp. andresii Molina Gonz. Acedo & Llamas [Subspecies, accepted] Carex spicata subsp. spicata [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex subdivulsa (Kük.) G.A.Wheeler [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex texensis (Torr. ex L.H.Bailey) L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex tumulicola Mack. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex vallicola Dewey [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex vulpinaris Nees [Species, accepted]

Phleoideae Meinsh. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex fluviatilis Boott [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex laevissima Nakai [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex leiorhyncha C.A.Mey. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex neurocarpa Maxim. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex nubigena D.Don ex Tilloch & Taylor [Species, accepted]

Carex nubigena subsp. albata (Boott ex Franch. & Sav.) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex nubigena subsp. nubigena [Subspecies, accepted] Carex nubigena subsp. pseudoarenicola (Hayata) T.Koyama [Subspecies, accepted] Carex nubigena var. franchetiana Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex paxii Kük. [Species, accepted]

Physodeae Christ ex Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex pachystylis J.Gay [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex physodes M.Bieb. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex subphysodes Popov ex V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]

Physoglochin Dumort. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex davalliana Sm. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex dioica L. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex gynocrates Wormsk. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex kabanovii V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex parallela (Laest.) Sommerf. [Species, accepted]

Carex parallela subsp. parallela [Subspecies, accepted] Carex parallela subsp. redowskiana (C.A.Mey.) T.V.Egorova [Subspecies, accepted] Potosinae Mack. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex potosina Hemsl. [Species, accepted]

Remotae (Ashers.) C.B.Clarke [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex ovatispiculata F.T.Wang & Y.L.Chang ex S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex planata Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex remota L. [Species, accepted]

Carex remota subsp. remota [Subspecies, accepted] Carex remota subsp. rochebrunii (Franch. & Sav.) Kük. [Subspecies, accepted] Carex remota subsp. stewartii Kukkonen [Subspecies, accepted] Carex remota var. remotispicula (Hayata) Ohwi [Variety, accepted] Carex remota var. reptans Franch. [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex remotiuscula Wahlenb. [Species, accepted]

Stellulatae Kunth [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex atlantica L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]

Carex atlantica subsp. atlantica [Subspecies, accepted] Carex atlantica subsp. capillacea (L.H.Bailey) Reznicek [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex echinata Murray [Species, accepted]

Carex echinata subsp. echinata [Subspecies, accepted] Carex echinata subsp. phyllomanica (W.Boott) Reznicek [Subspecies, accepted]

  1. Carex exilis Dewey [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex interior L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex omiana Franch. & Sav. [Species, accepted]

Carex omiana var. monticola Ohwi [Variety, accepted] Carex omiana var. omiana [Variety, accepted] Carex omiana var. yakushimana Ohwi [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex ruthii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex seorsa Howe [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex sterilis Willd. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex tojquianensis Standl. & Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex townsendii Mack. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex turumiquirensis Steyerm. [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex wiegandii Mack. [Species, accepted]

Stenorhynchae Kük. [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex conferta Hochst. ex A.Rich. [Species, accepted]

Carex conferta var. conferta [Variety, accepted] Carex conferta var. leptosaccus (C.B.Clarke) Lye [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex erythrorrhiza Boeckeler [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex glomerabilis V.I.Krecz. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex koestlinii Hochst. ex Steud. [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex lycurus K.Schum. ex Engl. [Species, accepted]

Carex lycurus subsp. lycurus [Subspecies, accepted] Carex lycurus subsp. scabrida (Kük.) Verdc. [Subspecies, accepted] Thomsonianae Y.LChang ex S.YunLiang [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex thomsonii Boott [Species, accepted]

Unplaced_Vignea [, accepted]

  1. Carex × almii Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex × biharica Simonk. [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex × boenninghausiana Weihe [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex × emmae L.Gross [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex × figertii Asch. & Graebn. [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex × gaudiniana Guthnick [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex × langeana Fernald [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex × leptoblasta Holmb. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex david-smithii Reznicek [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex iraqensis S.S.Hooper & Kukkonen [Species, accepted]

Vulpinae (Heuff.) H.Christ [Section, accepted]

  1. Carex alopecoidea Tuck. [Species, accepted]
  2. Carex conjuncta Boott [Species, accepted]
  3. Carex crus-corvi Shuttlew. ex Kunze [Species, accepted]
  4. Carex cuprina (Sándor ex Heuff.) Nendtv. ex A.Kern. [Species, accepted]
  5. Carex declinata Boott [Species, accepted]
  6. Carex earistata F.T.Wang & Y.L.Chang ex S.Yun Liang [Species, accepted]
  7. Carex jonesii L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  8. Carex laevivaginata (Kük.) Mack. [Species, accepted]
  9. Carex nervina L.H.Bailey [Species, accepted]
  10. Carex neurophora Mack. [Species, accepted]
  11. Carex oklahomensis Mack. [Species, accepted]
  12. Carex stipata Muhl. ex Willd. [Species, accepted]

Carex stipata var. maxima Chapm. ex Boott [Variety, accepted] Carex stipata var. stipata [Variety, accepted]

  1. Carex vulpina L. [Species, accepted]
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