Carex garden planted

A new Carex garden, focusing on the Vignea clade, was initiated at The Morton Arboretum on June 4, 2013. The garden was conceived by Arboretum Systematist and Herbarium Curator Andrew Hipp, designed by Herbarium Volunteer Doris Strom, and planted by Hipp and Strom with staff and volunteers of The Morton Arboretum's herbarium. The planting currently includes ca. 175 plants collected by Hipp and colleagues, including previous postdoctoral  researcher Dr. Kyong-Sook Chung, previous Research Assistant Linus Gog, collaborators Paul Rothrock, Anton Reznicek, and Dean Taylor, and many other collaborators. The garden is open to the public and will in future years be accessioned into the Arboretum's living collections.

For information, contact Andrew Hipp (