Digitization TCN: Documenting the Occurrence through Space and Time of Aquatic Non-indigenous Fish, Mollusks, Algae, and Plants Threatening North America's Great Lakes

Supported by NSF-DEB Award #1405396, 2014-2017.

Identification guides to aquatic invasive plants

The identification guides presented here were written to assist landowners, land managers, and citizen scientists in identifying aquatic invasive species. To provide accurate reports to facilitate Early Detection Rapid Response, we must first accurately identify invading species. With this guide, you can be confident in knowing the differ- ences between aquatic invasive species and their look-alikes in the Great Lakes Region.

These guides were written by Andrea Miller and Lindsey Worcester of The Morton Arboretum, with editorial assistance by Andrew Hipp of The Morton Arboretum and Ken Cameron of UW-Madison, and review, feedback, and guidance from scientists and land managers cited in the references.

Guide as one document

Guide downloadable by species (mostly 2 pp / species)