My research is focused on the diversification and evolution of plant lineages. We use of the tools of plant systematics--molecular phylogenetics, morphometric study, cytology, field study--as well as the tools of population genetics and molecular ecology to address basic questions about patterns of plant biodiversity: how many species are there? how are they delimited and identified? how are they related, and how strong are the barriers to gene flow between species? Our work also addresses the processes that generate and maintain biodiversity: what are the mechanisms of species formation and species persistence over time? what evolutionary processes explain the distribution of species and characteristics that we observe today? Our work is strongly specimen-based, and it is aimed at addressing ecological, evolutionary, and taxonomic questions.

Project opportunities

I welcome collaboration from volunteers, students, or colleagues with similar interests. Several of our projects currently underway provide opportunities for collaboration, and I am eager to discuss project ideas other than these. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in discussing possible collaborations in plant systematics: email