Phylogenetic comparative methods
CEB 35300, Spring 2010

Andrew Hipp, Herbarium Curator, Morton Arboretum. email, Ph: 630-725-2094
Rick Ree, Associate Curator, Botany Dept., Field Museum. email

Readings and handouts
Required readings are designated with an asterisk

Week 1 (March 31): Independent contrasts and phylogenetic regression I
Readings [ZIP] -- R tutorial [Source] [PDF]

Week 2 (April 7): Regression II: Model fit and phylogenetic rates
Readings [ZIP] -- R tutorial [Sources zipped]

Week 3 (April 14): Adaptation and ancestral states of continuous characters
Readings [ZIP] Reading: presentation by David Bapst [PDF]

Week 4 (April 21): Reconstructing the evolutionary history of discrete traits
Readings [ZIP]

Week 5 (April 28): Correlated trait evolution
Readings [ZIP]

Week 6 (May 5): Diversification rates and patterns
Readings [ZIP]

Week 7 (May 12): Key innovations
Readings [ZIP]

Week 8 (May 19): Integrative approaches to diversification and trait evolution
Readings [ZIP]

Week 9 (May 26): Historical biogeography [Ree]
Readings [ZIP]

Week 10 (June 2): Phylogenetics and community ecology
Readings [ZIP]