Ulmus 'Myrtifolia'

Description, Greene (1964)

leaves ovate or rhombic-ovate to oblong-ovate, 2-3 (-5 ) cm. long, with nearly simple teeth, loosely pilose on both sides; fruit obovate, 12-15 mm. long.

Additional information, Greene (1964)

Rehder in Jour. Arnold Arb. 20: 87. 1939; Kriissmann, Handb. Laubgeh. 2: 540. 1962, as a cv. The specimen under this name in Herb. Nicholson at Kew has been identified by Dr. Melville as having small-leaved, juvenile-type foliage and probably being U. minor X plotii or U. X hollandica.




Nicholson, Kew Hand-List Trees & Shrubs 2: 135. 1896, as U. campestris var. myrtifolia Hort., without description

Source of information

P.S. Green 1964, Arnoldia 24 (6-8)

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