Ulmus pumila 'Chinkota'

Additional information, Santamour and Benz (1995)

Seed-propagated line selected in 1950's for use in the Great Plains. May be the same as DROPMORE; see also HARBIN, HARBIN STRAIN, MANCHU.

Additional information, Greene (1964)

A line selected at South Dakota State Experiment Station from ’Harbin Strain’ for its early ripening habit and tendency to remain dormant until after severe spring frosts are passed; distributed by the Station as certified seed. Said by some to be the same as ’Dropmore’.


South Dakota Farm & Home Research 7: 14. 1955, but named previously by the South Dakota Farm Forestry Council

Source of information

Santamour and Bentz 1995, J. of Arboriculture 21(3)

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